Task Force Radio for GTAV


Hello Everyone!

I have a request that I feel would completely better the role play experience that FiveM has to offer! I was wondering if it is possible to get Arma 3’s Task Force Radio plugin to work for GTA V! I know they are two completely different games, however, to make, or even edit the files, would it be possible?

Link for TFR (Arma 3 version): http://radio.task-force.ru/en/

It would be very interesting!

Thanks All,

Tyler Shepherd


I’ve moved this from “Feature Requests” as I don’t feel this would benefit the whole FiveM community by implementing this in the core codebase. Instead, I believe this would be best suited in the development category as this would be best implemented with an addon.


I tend to disagree. This would be a great feature to add into FiveM as I would also use this feature.


This would absolutely be to the benefit of the entire FiveM community. The usefulness of TFR extends to phone and radio frequencies as well as directional and variable volume based on distance. If I knew anything about C++ I would have been working on this from day one. Sadly I’m completely useless in that regard. Wish it had been written in C#


I definitely feel it would better FiveM as well! It’s changed the way people are able to play Arma 3, and if it were put into GTA V, that would be another game changer.


This doesn’t need to be in the FiveM project by default.
Not every server is RP or milsim.
It can just as well be developed as a resource.
You don’t want the FiveM devs to spend their valuable time implementing something as noncritical as this, right?


I’m going to respectfully disagree with your assertion. There is plenty of benefit to any multiplayer mod that I can think of. Just my opinion of course.


Honestly, thanks to the local in-game chat and stuff like that, it isn’t necessary. Plus being a Dept. Director, it isn’t needed as we have other processes of communicating. Porting over TFR would require code in LUA which many people here like, but others don’t. As a developer, that you would take me maybe a month or two. Like Miss_Behavin recorded… There are plenty other benefits to the mod.


To interact with the teamspeak sdk you need to understand C/C++.


If any official built-in voice integration would exist, it would not be for ‘TeamSpeak’. If you want to develop a component for this, we will accept pull requests, however to clone an existing integration for a third-party program with all its features is far beyond the scope of this project.


I should mention, having used it myself, Revolution GTA RP Community integrated TS months ago, using an in-house created extension they dubbed “Tokovoip”, named after it’s creator. It allowed for incredibly accurate proximity and clear voice comms. The community has since gone whitelist but you can still check out the extension here.