Syracuse Police|Upstate RP|ELS|Custom Vehicles|Civilian Pilots|Custom CAD|Fire Script|16yr+ ONLY!



We made a Weazel news mini series and its so much fun come and join up.








After being in a very toxic server that was run almost like a dictatorship, this server was a massive relief to join. The staff on the server are constantly listening to the community and are still adding new stuff to the server every few days so the RP doesn’t go stale. With new stuff always being added, people are finding new ways to RP which makes this server a lot more diverse than other servers I’ve seen. The creativity of some of the people on the server really blows my mind sometimes. And to top it off, if people are knowledgeable on the RP they’re doing it doubles the quality of RP on the server. 9/10

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It’s a great server with staff that listen and cater to the whole community. I was actually banned from the server for something stupid that I did and I’d love it if you’d take me back into the community.


Brilliant Community! Love Playing Here!


Custom Firetrucks!! With Working Ladders!


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join the Discord and just ask for your fav Car i got this in <3

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Yup handpicked just for ya! Enjoy



Car accident leaves one Audi at the bottom of the sea.