Syracuse Police|Upstate RP|ELS|Custom Vehicles|Civilian Pilots|Custom CAD|Fire Script|16yr+ ONLY!


Welcome to Syracuse Police|Upstate RP!

What we represent?
Syracuse Police Training Server is compiled of experienced role-players who strive to replicate real life scenarios. Full working court system allows LEO’s to use our extensive CAD to file traffic or arrest reports and attach an incident report which causes player to end up in court. With real life LEO/EMS on the server replication is easier to achieve. The server is primarily used to recruit for our whitelisted ECO server.

Active Departments
Positions available in the following Departments.

  • Syracuse Police

  • Onondaga County Sheriff Dept.

  • New York State Police

  • Syracuse Fire Dept.

  • EMS/First Response

  • Coast Guard

  • Communications Dept./911 Dispatcher

  • Civilian

Custom Features

  • Custom CAD interface

  • Custom LEO/FIRE/EMS/CIV cars and trucks

  • Custom fire script with random fires

  • Custom Uniforms for LEO and CIV gangs

  • Fully working court system

  • Menu based

  • Custom vehicle/inventory script(displays players inventory upon request)


  • TeamSpeak (LEO/Emergency Services only)

  • English speaking abilities

  • Be at least 16 years old


Awesome server! Mature bunch of guys


That old guy cop never cuts breaks…


Very good server and very nice members





Theve got a synced train, had alot of fun with it today tryna drive bikes on it and all kinds of shit Xd

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Never a quiet moment on Grove St.


First Name Basis (training)



Syracuse Police Training (Patrol #3)


Best server ever. Owner Jamie is really awesome, most people are roleplaying more than one year. Experienced rp and unique scenes. Everything is so organised and realistic… LoVE IT!!!


Wowie bro that fire is HUGE!


Started out as a very small fire. Chris Jones Fire
Chief investigated this and believed it to be arson!

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Testing level 5 self - driving atonomous cars… Safe so far!

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A very good server. Excellent rp happens here.


This is the first episode of the Murder Mystery Series. Please enjoy!
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Great Server! I Was amazed when i heard they have got a custom coded fire script!