Syracuse Police Training Server|ELS|250+Custom Vehicles|Custom CAD|Fire Script|16yr+ ONLY!




Delivery checked off just in time.



I wouldn’t rejoin this server ever again. I was banned for a “stupid emote and combative” which I wasn’t. It was first at a permanent ban then a 24hr ban. There’s a staff member that will target you ingame if you say something rude to you in discord dm’s. I tried pm’ing the staff member that banned me but never chose to respond back. A stupid emote isn’t against the rules and there wasn’t any valid proof I was combative. There are other staff on the server that actually do their job and appreciate that. My rating 2/10

Now do not flag this because it’s not spam it’s an opinion that I’m allowed to give on the server for other people.



Who needs Euro Truck sim



Brand New Video Up From Syracuse Server!


Plenty of goodies for the Narcotics Team.


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Another Casual Day On The Server :grinning:


Was only on the server around a Hour last night RPing a Maint. man… its the first server I have been on in a LONG time that I was not RDMd or VDMd for NO reason. Had a Interaction with a officer who did his job to a “T”. Very Realistic RP. I will be returning, and I think yall should too! If you consider yourself a good Roleplayer and you’re sick of the 13 year olds ruining your RP then come give them a try.


Thanks for the kind words sir. That officer was my husband and he is editing the video. Your a pleasure to have on the server. CU around.



Custom courthouse built by our DEV Micheal!



Great Server 10/10 Legit RP Friendly Staff