Synn's loadingscreen



how do you remove the blur from the overlay


Edit the css/html. I’m not giving out any support for this, since this isn’t your typical “do x to solve y question”. And I don’t want to go down the rabbit hole, too time consuming for me.

See above.

I think it support GIFs out of the box… not sure though.

Just have one entry in the music array, you can launch index.html in the browser (you don’t need to launch the game to test). It should show a red text in the right bottom corner (if debug messages are enabled).

Nothing I can do about it, Youtube Iframe API simply doesn’t allow embedding and i’m not going to replace/refactor/change the current background music backend. Implement your own if you are this annoyed at it.

Yes this is the infamous “NaN%” error. I added some checks to prevent from showing NaN%, now shows 0%. I’ve tried to look into this issue… but it seems to never happen to me for some reason :confused:


how do you change the songs where do i go


go to the config js file


Hi, trying to find where in the index.css the grey foreground overlay comes from?


Bt chance do you know where to go to change the progress bars at and the image.


Thanks for this! Managed to make a pretty decent loading screen with it!


How would I remove the tint from the loading screen?
I’ve seen in a previous comment it’s done by editing the body in index.css but I know squat about coding so don’t know what I’d actually change to remove the tint?


I put this in my server and now everytime i try to join i get “saturn-spring-spaghetti”. Anyone know why?


how would i add a discord image in the loading screen so ppl know what it is


how do u add all that text?


A sitrep, 2 months later!

The topic has been locked for a couple of months, since I can’t provide any support due to IRL catching up with me.

Right now, I do give some support, but cherry picking the questions (ignoring faqs like hurr durr where is the config). I’m still open for ideas on how to improve my resource and open for new features (and pull requests).

I’ve been thinking of rewriting the loading screen to make it more robust and customizable. Right now the javascript portion of my resource is a nightmare to work with, mainly due to the language itself, but also me mixing up functionality.

Any suggestions on making javascript more viable for me would be appreciated, Typescript looks like a good option, but not sure on how it might be implemented. Some javascript library making life more easy would also be neat. (Vue.js? Angular?)

On another topic; I’ve removed my discord, this is why:
a) People just barge in and ask the most stupid questions.
b) It got flooded by a spambot.

If you want to get direct help, you can reach me on discord Syntasu#8763. Don’t expect help or be offended when I don’t respond. (HINT: I don’t respond to “hey, i need help”).


How do you change the color of the progress bar?


Found it, nevermind.


How did you change it?


Change the css:


Is there a way to remove the fade/grey over the image?


You can remove the box-shadow line from the css (not configurable from the config as of yet):


Hmm, still has the box shadow after being removed :confused:


I love this.