Syndicate Life searches LUA Dveloper



Hey FiveM User,
we are glad that you want to read our Thread.

The Syndicate Life is currently looking for a LUA developer.

A little bit about the project:
We do not want to become an all-rounder 'server that has the latest from the latest on the server,
but rather a server that puts a lot of emphasis on the community and custom roleplaying.
We do not give you everything, YOU! should design the Roleplay! Of course,
we try our best to make the game experience as exciting as possible for us.
We are a small group of passionate gamer who do it all out of pure hobby.

What do we have so far?
Dev server
Board (WBB)
A small, familial team

A certain sympathy.
Humor is definitely not out of place with us.
Knowledge of LUA.
Having worked in a team is also an advantage.
If available show existing references.
Mental maturity should be self-evident. Even if we keep everything pretty familiar, there are certain limits.
Of course, activity also plays an important role.

(write to GyZe)
(go to ‘Warte auf Support | GTA Management’)