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SWRM RolePlay was started in October of 2017. We are dedicated to not only creating the best RolePlay experience possible, but also making sure our players are satisfied and having fun!

SWRM RP makes sure to always keep everything and everyone up to date on what’s happening in and out of the server.Most servers strive to be like DOJRP, and that is not what we want to do. SWRM RP has an active admin team is always for better scripts and vehicles to add to the server, as well as creating their own!

We make sure to accommodate all players from around the world. We do not discriminate anyone based on sex, orientation, race or anything else. SWRM RP does have an age limitation on certain departments, but don’t be worried we can find a role for you no matter your age or experience.

SWRM RP was created By Co-founder Keelan and myself. We originally were whitelist only, but have since opened up a second non whitelist server! As the founders we strive to not only dedicate as much time possible but make sure everyone in the community feels welcomed. We want you to consider us as your family. If there is a problem don’t be afraid to message either of us.

SWRM RP has the following departments open:

  • San Andreas State police

  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

  • Los Santos Police Department

  • Federal investigation Bureau

  • San Andreas Fire Department

  • Civilian Operation

  • Communications Department

We have a lot of positions open, but we will not give you a position based on previous communities or experience. SWRM RP is looking forward to seeing you soon! To apply goto https://swrmcad.com/forums/ or join us on discord @ https://discord.gg/mYuEnB8


Whould like to join definetly Today!


Ok join the discord and fill out the application on the forums @ https://swrmcad.com/forums and we will make sure to look at it ASAP. also its not required to apply for positions such as civilian



Closed upon request.