SWEDISH Dimension RP | ESX | 50+ Cars | Whitelist | Custom Jobs! https://discord.gg/3MHCVsV



SWEDISH Dimension RP
Welcome to Swedish Dimension RP. On this server we’re trying our best to get the best RP experience possible. We search for active players and has alot of empty jobs left!


  • We are using ESX on our server!
  • You can find our discord at https://discord.gg/3MHCVsV
  • We have already 150 Discord members!
  • 50 Cars.
  • Swedish cop cars, Swedish cop peds and Swedish Police Station.
  • Whitelisted server you can apply on http://www.swedishdimension.com/
  • Have have to know Swedish.
  • Fun RP with all the regular ESX stuff and much more!
  • Custom edited scrpits.

NOTE! All the rest information is in DISCORD