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Summary :

  • Presentation of the server
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Presentation :

You walk along a long corridor dimly lit by neon lights. It’s been months that you have not had the opportunity to see electricity running again. The man in a khaki uniform behind you makes you step up.

With a beating heart, you arrive at the height of a heavy door that a soldier, whom is guarding the door, pushes to let you through. The dull roar of the door opening sounds while you enter a smoky room, lit by a simple bulb on the ceiling that is swinging slowly. An imposing man, hidden in the shadows, pulls on his cigarette butt then invites you to sit …

“Welcome”, he said hoarsely and authoritatively. “Listen to me because I will not say things twice. Once outside, you will be delivered to yourself and it will be up to you to stand out to be retained on the island. Understand that you are on board for a one-way trip. As I am a good prince and you seem lost, I will give you a little sketch of why we are here today, just to put your ideas in place.”

The man in the shadows again fires his cigarette and rejects the smoke that floats by in a wave in the halo of light of the bulb on the ceiling.

“It’s in our country, in North America, that everything started… A sort of crap hybrid virus, mixture of flu and rabies has slowly appeared. It started with isolated cases but impressive enough to talk about it on TV. The infected people wander aimlessly and their eyes, with drool on their lips, rolled over anything that was alive dreaming of eating them…” Fuck, eating them?! What?! “…They made no distinction, friends, families. It was crazy, and the newspapers feasted on this kind of news. The problem is that it has degenerated. Soon, these isolated events were relayed by the media then social networks exposing the pandemic in the eyes of the world. This has resulted in indescribable global chaos ”

The man nervously crushes his cigarette butt in an ashtray filled to the brim, carelessly leaving tobacco still burning.

(Remains of the background available on the discord, see the end of the topic in ‘useful links’)

As you may understand, Survival5 is an apocalyptic server that let you play into a world full of infected. You will have to search mini markets for food, find and try to repair vehicles to shelter but most importantly : make the right decisions to survive. Indeed, in a world as such, the rules no longer exist, it must be taken into account that zombies are not the biggest danger : the man is even more.

Previews :

Here are images taken on the server, you should know that spoilers are regularly uploaded on Twitter.

And here are 2 examples of features available on survivalV :

We let you discover the rest by yourself, all you have to do is go to “Useful links”.

How to join the server ?

To join the server, it’s very simple. First you need to join the discord with the link posted in the “Useful Links” section. Then you just need to tell us your Steam ID in hexadecimal and your name rp in the channel “steam-hexa”. After that, you will have to wait for an immigration to be opened (they are announced in advance). Of course, before passing an immigration you will be asked to read the background and the rules of the server.

Useful Links

Twitter :
Discord :


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