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So what are all server owners going to do? Are all of the FiveM devs just going to point the finger and walk away? Damn, thats a great start at the " Server owner interaction"


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They’re not pointing a finger and walking… they simply provided a rebuttal to your claims that “the security in fivem is absolute shit, period” is incorrect…

The project is open source, you’re welcome to assist in making the project better.


Is there a possibility for an example on how one would implement SQLite coming when mentioning this?

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Honestly, I’d really enjoy being able to pay for development work. This way we can cut the crap with the children that can drag-and-drop files and call themselves “developers”. Most respectable developers won’t work without pay, and I understand that. Thats why I’m in a tough predicament right now getting help with some of projects. I get there are issues with this, morality issues, R* issues, but that is what I’d like…


This honestly isn’t my place as I’m not experienced, but rather just trying to help. Would it be possible to encrypt per server the models? Each server sends each client a one time encryption key. When they shutdown the client, the key changes? Or what if each client encrypted the cache with a different token? The token defined by a non-public variable?


i mean, even then. it would be easy to decrypt the model… find the variable in memory -> get the key -> decrypt -> profit


There is probably some way… I mean, how do other games prevent assets from being stolen? What if you can make the vehicles only compatible with that license key? Embed something in the streamed file, or even use a different file format?


Not, since it’s an inherent impossibility.

And even then people can still ‘steal’ the data, since it still exists on clients, and clients can do anything because of the inherent nature of an open platform such as standard Windows PCs.


A typical bad analogy is basically - let’s give you a coin. It’s a plain coin, and I don’t want you to spend it, I just want you to have it. It’s valid legal tender, and mutilating the coin would no longer make it a coin. So, I encase it in a thick concrete block, followed by a layer of some other hard material.

Now, imagine you’re really, really determined to have that coin, and spend it. I don’t want you to spend it, but I gave it to you anyway. Since you have the coin, even though it’s encased in two different materials, you can still - let’s say, use a random hard drill to break the hard material, then break the concrete block. By then, you have the coin, and can do whatever you want to it, including spending it.

If I didn’t want you to spend it, I should’ve simply not given it to you, since whatever it was encased in was easy to destroy without destroying the coin itself.

It’s even more evident in the case of digital content: there’s no working DRM as long as individuals have access to the content. All one can do is delay the DRM being broken by a bit, or alternately simply not giving the content at all is the only guaranteed solution, especially on an open platform like Windows PCs.

To extend the analogy, game consoles are equivalent to you having some sort of bionic hands that would instantly freeze at the point of trying to spend the coin (and punch anyone trying to grab it from your hands automatically), even if you extract it from its casing, and do the same for any such coin, but by the point you manage to break the security of these bionic hands nobody is preventing you from spending the coin as it’s a plain coin that can be spent.


Thanks for the further explanation


Keep in mind even if there was a way to encrypt it… people will still copy it whether it be code or models… they will just make it and then put it out there for everyone to get there hands on.

Sadly, there is literally zero that can be done there.

People dont need to steal the models to make the same exact models themselves all they need is there own two eyes and some know how and boom… they copied your vehicle, script whatever it is.


love this

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I hope to support Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese in the future! Thanks to the developers.