SURP - Serious Ultra RP - Anyone can be EMS or POLICE - Hacking Job- Drugs - Custom Cars, Appartments And More!



Welcome To SURP !
We just started this new RP Server (hosted by ZAP HOSTING) which is based on vRP, Custom Scripts And Scripts that make most of the driving, RolePlaying more realistic.
We got so many jobs, you will not even be able to choose! Anyone can be COP or EMS.
You will earn money and you will have to spend it wisely on food and drinks to survive but you will work your way up and earn enough money to buy one of the many Custom Cars or appartments we have!

In our discord server, you can request any script or car and if it works within fivem, it will be put in.

We even do daily updates!

Our rules are also in our discord server. A unique thing we added is that when you go off duty, you can go to the racetrack and race with all your friends!

If you want to be part of our server,
Join our discord:
Game Server IP :


Try By Posting A couple of photos Or more information as to what your server is about, Always looks good If you have a few images :slight_smile:


Sure i will! Thanks for the tip :smiley:


No problem!!, Just keep people updated with photos and some cool stuff.






All the jobs, garages, appartments and more on the map!



You probably didn’t notice it’s unmarked :smiley: