Support for join button on discordrp

Add support for the “Join” button on discord rp as it no longer requires acceptance or white listing of the discord app id. it shouldn’t be changeable to prevent malicious intents. The join button as far as my understanding supports launching games through the custom protocols(? basically fivem://connect/[IP]:[PORT]). figured it would be easy to implement, and I would try it myself but I won’t have access to a FiveM capable computer over the next couple of weeks to be able to make changes to the client.

Yeah i think this would be a good thing

Isn’t this still only possible for approved apps?

Ask to Join no longer requires whitelisting or approval. Everyone has access to it, and Ask to Join requests are now automatically handled within the Discord overlay. Enjoy!


… which assumes the “Discord overlay” is used, and we have blocked it due to it causing crashes.