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Hello everyone! I am proud to officially announce the release of Sunbelt RP!

SunbeltRP is a community based on civilian life roleplay with extensively trained emergency services. We aim to give the best experience to all members. Something that we have introduced in Sunbelt is a framework giving civilians the ability to do different jobs, legal or not. Some examples include; trucking, taxi services, mechanics, drug dealing, bank robberies, etc! Most of these jobs are tied into our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and will alert first responders, by pinging them on their minimap! For our first responders, they have the ability to go on and off duty, and experience qualities unique to our first responders. All of our first responder jobs gives them unique abilities. An example is our death script, paramedics or those with medical training can walk over and identify the wounds of our people and/or find out the reason of death via the game! We also offer custom vehicles, a brand new CAD with unique options, one of those allowing citizens to be a stringer! And custom and unique scripts, such as our working fire script. All of this is able to be done thanks to our development team that you can find in our community.


I am excited to bring all this information to you guys. And we can officially say the we have hit over 120 members!

SunBelt RolePlay | GTA5 | FiveM | 16+ | 110+ Members | Custom Models


You have that many devs and use bubble apps? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


We’re using bubble apps as a ease of use and to not give our website developer to much stuff. Also its easy to make and use.



what highway patrol pack is that


There custom but it’s Oregon State


We just reached 145 accepted applications!


Hey guys quick update SBRP has just reached 170 accepted applications! We are growing at a tremendous rate and want you do be apart of it! Also here are some teasers and what to expect.


we have reached 180 accepted applications!


little update. We now have a website! Head over to Webpage and check our our new website!


Sunbelt RP has Passed 210 accepted applications!


New Custom Sheriffs office Uniforms!


Over 100 registered users on our website!


I have put in my application!


I guess this didn’t age well.