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Our Mission

Our mission is to create the most authentic and diverse LA County roleplaying community in all of FiveM. With in house developers creating custom scripts, fully accurate vehicles, and spot on procedures, we are accomplishing that goal.

About Us

Sun City Roleplay was established in 2018 set in mind to be different. We are not like every other community; we are a diverse group of people with a passion for California policing. After all, that’s where all the action is, right?

Why Us?

Our community speaks for itself. From our custom website to custom vehicles, we are one of the most modernized communities for FiveM. There are many different opportunities for members of all departments to explore.


Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department is the primary and currently the only Law Enforcement Agency staffing Los Angeles County within Sun City Roleplay. The LASD is a proactive sheriff’s department aiming to put a serious dent in crime within our county.

Divisions: Patrol Bureau, Training Bureau, Canine Unit, Emergency Response Team, Rescue Team, Traffic Services Unit, Dispatch, and Operation Safe Streets.

Ranks: Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Deputy Sheriff Bonus II, Deputy Sheriff Bonus, Deputy Sheriff, and Deputy Sheriff Trainee.

Los Angeles County Fire Department

The Los Angeles County Fire Department alongside American Medical Response serves as the medical and firefighting services within LA County. Using top of the line equipment, they are there for you when you need it.

Divisions: American Medical Response (In Partnership with the LACoFD), Search and Rescue, Training Division, and Personnel Division.

Ranks: Fire Captain, Fire Lieutenant, Firefighter III or EMT-P, Firefighter II or EMT-I, and Firefighter I or EMT-B.

Residents of Los Angeles County

Residents of Los Angeles County are all civilians within our community. They are responsible for creating calls of service for our Emergency Services to resolve.

Ranks (achievable by all employees): Civilian Supervisor, Senior Civilian, Civilian III, Civilian II, Civilian I, and Probationary Civilian.



Must be 15 years or older at the time of applying.

Must be willing to follow all community rules, regulations and department policies.

Must be willing to learn and improve. Must attend the department’s academy and any other training.

Must be a respectful, honest, and professional person.

Must be fluent in English.

Must have a working and decent quality microphone and headset at the time of applying or able to get one.

Must have a valid and legal copy of GTA V with the ability to install FiveM.


Photos of our fleet can be found on our website!


We are always recruiting, relaxed vehicle structures, realistic patrols, custom vehicles, and much more!

Sun City Roleplay is hiring for all departments, you are welcome to apply for any!

Sun City Roleplay offers many diverse divisions for you to choose from, to name a few, K-9, Search and Rescue, S.W.A.T, and much more!

Sun City Roleplay has many command, supervisor, and member opportunities available currently! We are always seeking applications and truly enjoy seeing the new faces that decide to join our journey. Apply Today!

Still recruiting!

The County of Los Angeles is hiring for the following positions;

  • Deputy Sheriff

  • Firefighter // EMT

  • Dispatcher (Will assist entire county)

  • Residency Applications (Civilian)

Applications will be accepted in the order they are sent, any open positions depend purely on experience and time within Los Angeles County.

Recruitment has reopened, we will be reviewing applications in the order they are received, if you have questions, submit a Contact Form on our website!

Any questions? Come see us on teamspeak at scrp.ts.nfoservers.com! Or, submit a contact form on our website located at https://www.suncityroleplay.com/contact

Love the community! The staff and people here are great, loving the family feel!

Explore the diverse opportunities LA County has to offer! Do you love the city that never sleeps? Or, do you prefer the uniqueness of the county? It’s up to you.

Your career awaits you!

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Awesome community

Applications for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department are closing soon! You must submit your application before 10/13/2019 to be eligible.

Applications for Civilian, Fire, EMS, and Dispatch will still remain open! You may also transfer to the LASD at a later date when the process reopens; even if you join a separate department to start.

Applications for the LASD are officially closed until further notice. Submit your application for another department; and, as stated above, you can transfer when LASD reopens.

Our civilian team has many opportunities for you to explore! Create diverse callouts that keep Deputies on their toes. Accepting applications for regular civilians and supervisors!