Subversion RP - Whitelist - Server Is New! / 64 Player Peak! - Economy Based - Devs Needed - Custom Pink Cage, Custom Robberies! - 64 Slot OneSync - Pictures Inside! Tokovoip - All Positions Open

Looking for developers who want to take the project to the next level.
Seeking Head Admin
Location does not matter.
You can DM me on Discord @JFoster#0001


Subversion Roleplay, SVRP in short, is a serious role play community. SVRP aims to provide it’s player(s) with a friendly and yet immersive environment. With endless career possibilities, unique features and much more. We just launched 2 weeks ago and are hitting a peak of 50+ players! We welcome everyone to apply.

SVRPs Role Play Environment
General Interaction [ Civs / Gangs / Families]
The environment is built around through serious interactions with other players. Location and style of role play does not tie you down a lot. In fact, there are many opportunities for you to define who your character really is. Other players within the community are experienced role players, who are more than willing to assist you to the best of their abilities to ensure you integrate into SVRP very well. We have a mindset among the community and that is to always use words first, force second. Roleplay is a two way road. You get what you give. Our community always believes in having meaningful roleplay encounters.

LEO / EMS Interaction
Law Enforcement Officers & EMS Personnel also have their own unique characteristics, attitude and so on. Each interaction with a LEO or a EMT is unique and may vary depending on the scenario. Law Enforcement Officers aim to keep the city safe and secure at all times. EMS aims to provide top notch healthcare services to residents of San Andreas. LEOs and EMTs also venture to other aspects quite frequently, such as community policing, educating the general public about certain laws, health related matters and in general, raise awareness towards certain issues. Our community does not believe in nor encourage players to interact with LEOs / EMTs only when they have been arrested, stopped or require medical treatment. Instead, provide friendly interactions with LEOs and EMTs to foster a good bond. Enabling for a further unique and immersive environment.

SVRPs Administration
Subversion Roleplay has a professional team of dedicated staff members who contribute very actively to the server and it’s players. Answering administrative related queries or issues, which are dealt with in a efficient and yet, effective manner. The staff members are always at the top of their game, willing to hand a helping hand to players, wherever possible. The Administrative team must posses leadership and managerial qualities such as Integrity, Hardwork, Responsibility and Empowerment. We stand by the quote, “Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things” - Peter F. Drucker

SVRPs developers are always actively developing the server to push out quality content for it’s players. Always going the extra mile with unique features. Success is sweet but the secret is sweat.

Subversion Role Play Features

Economy [Jobs, Finance-Related]
- Balanced economy
- Central job center
- Wide variety of legal Jobs
- Wide variety of illegal jobs
- Custom Law Enforcement / Medic career
- Crafting system [Weapons, etc]
- Convenience store
- Vehicle shop [Bought through a certified Car Dealer]
- Vehicle tuning shop
- Vehicle repair system [Through a certified mechanic / repair kit]
- Robbable Houses, Stores and Banks

- Custom Interiors
- Custom Map Modifications
- Custom Law Enforcement vehicles
- Custom Emergency Medical Services vehicles
- Custom Civilian vehicles
- Custom Weapons
- Custom Emergency Uniforms Pack [Add-on]
- Wide variety of clothing [Male & Female]

- TokoVOIP [Distance Interaction, Civ Radio, LEO Radio, EMS Radio]
- Custom player interaction menu [Civilians, LEOs, EMS]
- Custom inventory system
- Custom phone system [Twitter, Yellow Pages + More]
- Character creation system
- Vehicle interaction system
- Vehicle lock system [Givekeys, Lock Pick, etc]

- Persistent Garage [Vehicle does not get repaired, stays where you logged out, etc]
- Entity Persistence [Vehicles & Players]
- Server Synchronization [E.g. Dead bodies are synced across all clients, no more ‘ghosted’ bodies]
- Bug fixes
- General performance improvements
- OneSync optimizations
- Optimized weapon damage system [No more 1 shot kill]
- Anti-cheat system

- Animation(s) system
- Society system [Salaries are pulled from the pool]
- Hunger system
- Bike rental shop
- Receive licensed Hospital treatment
- Receive unlicensed medical treatment [Intended for those on the run]
- Custom injury system
- Mini drug system [E.g. Consuming certain drug(s) may slow down the rate of your injury]
- Recycling Center

- Support entreprenurs
- Support those who would like to run their own illegal activities [Gangs / families]

Looking for developers who want to take the project to the next level.
Beginners or veterans.
Location does not matter.
You can DM me on Discord @Foster#4627

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Why not try to be unique? Sigh

What does “Nopixel based” means?
Is NoPixel a framework? Or a serverversion for fivem? Or what?

I would like to join the server and try it out. :blush:

So wait is it like a full recitation of nopixel.

What is a NoPixel based server?

what i think it is a no shit pc community lol

NoPixel is a server that’s designed to be very exclusive. Many of its members are streamers.

In my opinion, “NoPixel-like” is pretty much like “DOJ-like” - it’s not original, it’s copying a server that happens to be famous, and the servers are rarely going to turn out good.

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What features do you have that no pixel has

In reality the differences between RP servers are minor in essentially every case.

NoPixel is just a slightly modified ESX / vRP server with their own “framework”, just like DOJ, just like every RP server.

“framework” is just a term we throw around to sound special, all it is really is a choice of UI design, and an interface with the basic database (the user list and their basic data needs like cash and bank amount.)
The only nice feature ESX has that most other frameworks lack is a Server Callback shared function.

All the other features of servers (what jobs they have, and the locations/setup of standard features like clothing shops, gas stations, phone, etc) are Mods that are separate from the “framework”, and everyone draws from the same limited list of community mods on FiveM forums.

Ipso Facto, all RP servers are really clones of each other.

To build something more substantial, more unique, you need devs on the level of Mod creators, who invent new features. These seem to be in very limited supply

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My opinon is no pixel is overated as a server its self, the people on the server is what makes it good. either way i believe servers should not copy another server just because somethings popular.

Personally i as a developer want to find a server that wants something special and not a copy, i also dislike the fact servers still use esx and vrp. both are a okay starter rp frame work. just like darkrp is for gmod. but make something unique unless the community cant hit max players

im looking for a home making anything other than an RP server :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Source: Server bazaar rules and F.A.Q

Continuing to to post things like “bump”, “Bumpppp” may geet your topic un-listed for spam or another reason.

What sort of stuff would we be doing? Is there anything off the bat you would want a developer todo?

A lot of developers like to join said server beforehand to see how the community is and what it is like. So do you have links to a Discord or server IP?

Need Devs ASAP. Message me.

Updated Main Post.

A lot of good features on this server

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devs this is a massive opportunity. please contact us now !

I am a 18 year old developer. Is this to young for you guys?

That could work, just message me and let’s chat