Stuck on loading Social Club loop... please help [Solved]


Stuck on loading Social Club loop… after lanching fivem it always will end up in a endless loop of a Social Club Loading screen
Up to date
Social Club
Windows 10?
Did you try to delete caches.xml and try again?, yes
GTX 1080, I7 6700k

i’ve tried everything, uninstalling FiveM, uninstalling GTA reinstalling, clearing logs, cache. EVERYTHING.
anyone know how please tell me thanks


Same issue bud, still no help.




Any fix yet?..


i messed with some random shit and something worked, i delete my internet and stuff by accident and had to repair but its working now i guess


Like chrome?? Deleted chrome?


No, i had went into some files in my computer and when i deleted one by accident it didn’t allow me to get internet than i fixed it and suddenly it had started working. it may have something to a due if you have a vpn or firewall messing it up


Please mark Solved

Thank you
Steven A.


Could you please share the solution to this problem? For future reference.



Any other solutions? Im having a similar issue i dont use any VPN’s on this machine either :thinking:


Re-install Internet browsers, disable your WiFi then Re-enable it, delete anything like Bit torrent, then try from there also delete FiveM and re-install verify integrity on steam of gta 5 restart pc. That’s what I did.


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