Stuck on Initializing Session, Please Help?


Hi there,

I’m trying to setup a GTA FiveM server, currently on my local machine. I seem to have ran into some issues as it is stuck on Initializing Session.

This is the log when i launch the server (looks good to me):

Then it establishes my connection and gives the following messages:

From this the server does not launch and i am stuck in Initializing session. I am using CouchDB and is establishing my connection. Not sure what is going on. I have also changed the __resource.lua to the following: I will provide some screenshots of my directory and start commands:



Hi George,

I stumbled onto this thread cause i was having the same issue.

My issue was i changed the line in the _resouce LUA file, in

resource_type ‘map’ { gameTypes = { fivem = true } }

resource_type ‘map’ { gameTypes = { essentialmode = true } }


It turns out that was the issue. leave it as fivem = ture

That was my issue, i hope that was your issue as well and you were able to fix it.

good luck.


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