Stuck on "Connecting to IP:Port"


so wen anytime i join a server and even my own server it says connecting to (the server Ip and port) infinitely, and forces me to have to end process in task manager, i tried reinstalling FiveM, didn’t do shit. I’ve tried so many times and this has only been happening since these recent updates on the menu. I’m done trying until it gets fixed.


Install Source SDK Base 2007 on Steam.


Once I install it it works for me. But after I join a server then disconnect, my mouse gets stuck in the middle of the screen. Any help?


What mouse input option are you using in GTA V?

Also, while you were having this issue - did FiveM show up as ‘In-Game: Source SDK Base 2007’, or as ‘In-Mod: FiveM :snail:’ in your Steam friend list?


My mouse is set to auto Raw input, if I change the settings it won’t save for some reason.
when I open five my, it opens as Source SDK base in steam instead of FiveM


it shows In-Mod: FiveM


Weird. :confused:

Ah! Did downloading Source SDK Base 2007 (go to Library, click ‘Games’ next to the Search box and select Tools) fix the issue for you, though?


i already have that installed to get passed Steam Rejected Authentication: Invalid Parameter so nope didnt fix it


Ah. Now, here’s a long shot: please replace the steam.dll in your FiveM Application Data folder with this one:

steam.dll (331 KB)


ok going to try that standby


nope same issue and now servers dont show


Does it show on Steam as ‘Source SDK Base 2007’ now, at least, just to know if you put the new DLL in?

Also, ‘servers don’t show’ can’t possibly be caused by replacing this DLL. :confused:


since i replaced that dll it wont show servers also it jsut says im online on steam now


Are you sure you didn’t accidentally set an impossible filter? Anyway, to get back to the old .dll remove caches.xml.

Now that’s some valuable information! I’ll be forwarding this info to the developers.


Can you put in the two files in this .zip in your FiveM folder, as follows:



I hope you guys can figure out a way to fix this and maybe add a LAN tab in server list so i can easily connect to my own server cause i cant join it and I get complaints everyday about cheaters and since I can’t join due to this issue they pretty much get away with it and its full server everyday


what you mean specifically?

#18 (110.8 KB)

Sorry, this .zip file.


Here is what shows when i click on my server in list


Try waiting for all servers to be pinged, then direct connecting to your LAN IP, it might be your router doesn’t allow accessing your external IP from your LAN.

Did the other thing help your Steam issue, by the way?