Streaming Weapon Meta informations


So, theres so many different topics on it, none with a real definite answer.
To make it short and simple, is it currently possible to stream weapon meta files ?

I did some simple tests with changin the audio hash, mag size etc. using different data file descriptions but no matter what it didnt seem to work at all.

Streaming models is no biggie ofc that works like a charm but yeah the meta files are currently the issue.

SO , is it possible ? if so, whiche data file would be the one needed for addons / modifications

kind regards and thx in advance =)


Yes we can because I change the taser and the baton because the real ones


yeah model streaming works im aware of that like i mentioned .
i mean in terms of the meta files ^^


just gonna bump this i guess *sry bout that * but yeah not really makin any progress on my end sadly. Tested all kinds of data file types and no luck