Streaming Props for YMAP


I had to split the model object into two separate model objects and then clone each of them to make matching collision models.

  1. Get yourself to this point with island1 in 3DS MAX. Delete all except the model, rename it, delete the game mesh and skin off it. Change the scene view to Top for the next step.

  1. With the model object still selected click on the “Polygon” button in the Modeling option box above the left navigator.


  1. Left click drag in the scene view to draw a box (select) half of of the model object, when you release the left click you’ll have all the selected polygons highlighted in red. On the right hand modification options find and click the one called “Detach”. This will create a new model with just that selection called “Object” which you should rename, land_island2 would be appropriate in this case. On both objects leave the “Edit Poly” and “Editable Poly” alone in the right hand modify area.

  1. The rest of the process is the same as the process in my prior post, you’re just working with two model objects now which will each a game mesh added and need a collision object created with collision mesh. For the collision material I used Vegetation, Grass Short, but you use what feels right to you out of the available options. At the end of it all before you export you should look like this screenshot.



So the way you split the island worked well to export and load into the map with collisions. When I tried to split even larger models I was able to export them and load into the map with textures but the collisions did not work. Is there anything different you need to do get the collisions working when you detach the model more than two times?


I haven’t run into that yet, should just be making sure that each detached model gets cloned into a collision model which gets a collision mesh and collision material added. Can you give me the name of the model that requires more than just a single split and I’ll give it a try?


build_dt5b is one that I tried to do. I did clone the models after detaching and added the material and collision mesh. The hierarchy looked similar to yours at the end just with more pieces. I wasn’t able to get the collision working for it.


This one is interesting because it includes lights, but I’m not sure that should affect the outcome, we wouldn’t want to delete those :slight_smile:

I’m giving it a try now.


I think my problem is I was forgetting to add the flags under the collision mesh. I realized when I tried to add a smaller model and it didn’t work. Now with the flags it works again, so I will try the larger model now and I think it should work.


Good deal, I got sidetracked by other work so I haven’t started yet. Let me know if you still can’t get it working.