Streaming Models to Clothes instead, like LSPD clothes to police station etc


Is it possible, kinda annoying with models since everyone looks the same which is confusing


You can stream everything what i know


As far i can tell i havent seen anyone who has custom police uniforms etc without using the models (npc characters) maybe its just me but i would greatly appericate if anyone could teach me how to.


This interest mee too if someone know how. :blush:


Are you talking about multiplayer models that are customizable? If so, it’s not currently possible to stream replace/addon “clothes” as there is no system in place to differentiate the models for each clothing piece.


Dammit, would been a 10/10 feature if added in future


Hey all, just watching a stream from someone on the Family RP. It looked to me like they have figured out how to stream custom clothing to freemode peds. Anyone else notice this? Any idea how they’re doing it?


Mmm teorically you could spawn a prop, use an invisible dress for your ped and next make this prop follow the movement of your player.