Streaming issue


Hi everyone,

I would like to introduce you a new bug.
The problem is simple. I made a simple texture replacement that works like a charm in singleplay.
When I try to stream this mod on FiveM, not everything works as the mod in singleplay.

The flags are ok, the low poly and the high poly load without any problem.
But the sign and the scripture on the building aren’t replaced.

So, to be clear, here’s what I have in single player :
Here’s what I have in FiveM :

Here’s the files I want to stream :

Thank you for your time.


Is the missing texture in the +hidr.ytd?


Yup, the missing texture is dt1_20_build2+hidr.ytd ^^


@meitnerium Do you have an idea why it doesn’t work ?


+hidr overrides probably do not work currently. You can try replacing the embedded texture in the .ydr.


Already tried that solution too, does not work either unfortunately :confused:


Does someone have an idea ? :frowning:


I also have this problem.