Streaming engine sounds


Hey there! I want to know if i can stream engine sounds mod on fivem server-sided. I want to use this mod . All is working only the sound effect from that not :expressionless: . Thanks!


I beleive streaming sounds is not currently supported. You would have to install them client sided.


This is bullshit :expressionless: That car have a nice sound effect… Anyway, i want to know more 1 thing. I have installed a custom police cars and the emergency lights are bugged. Here are some screenshots:

I don’t know if i need to create another thread because i read the rules a long time ago and i don’t want to read it again. i know the basics :stuck_out_tongue: .
Thanks for help!


That is an issue with the files for the car, though I cant remember exactly which one… Or maybe it’s an issue with the car itself? :thinking:


What nation are the cars from?


carvariations.meta sirensettings and lightsettings are pointing to the wrong carcols settings. Either you are missing the carcols file for that vehicle or it is set to the wrong one.


in carvariations at the bottom you will see siren settings for that car. careful there may be other cars in the file so read what car it is for . start at 1 save it restart the resource ie restart resource name in you command line spawn car and try it if it dont work try 2 then 3 so on so on .if there is a carcoals file look in there for the id they suggest.
dv the car every time before restarting or you wont be able to spawn it without full server reset


Romania. I want to make a RP server for my country.


Isn’t a addon car. Is replace… :expressionless:


I have a geNreal file i sue for that if you drop me your email i can get it to you .


Thanks. You was first who gives me a solution for my problem, but rj_jackazzking69_jay gives me more details, so thanks to both :smiley: .


I solved the problem, but my question is, why is no visible the red/blue light on the walls? All is good, is looking nice, but is only on the lightbar. It doesn’t reflect on any object. Like there is no light source… I found on lspd forum every sirensettings values, so 1 was for me (before, was setted 3). I will try tomorrow more. Maybe that value is not for my car. :expressionless:


because the person who made that car buried the coronas under the ground… don’t ask me why… it is a dumb practice for many car makers…


Yeah… Anyway, thank you very much!