Streaming Addon Props


Is there anyway that anyone know how to possibly stream addon props into fivem, the the custom addon props mod that most maps require to load, or other custom props with the map? I have not been able to figure out a way so far.


Use the search function, there’s plenty of info on these forums already.


Really, because I have searched and only found how to stream addon cars and ped, not “addon props”?


I swear I’ve seen at least one thread about it, though haven’t got time to look for it now.


well, maybe it’s not there anymore, I have no idea, I just wish I knew of a way, but when I search it, this topic is the only one that pops up with “stream addon props” in it. So you don’t know how, just remember seeing a topic about it?


That is correct.


I tried this method WITHOUT SUCCESS but I think I am in the right direction :

  1. Download (This is a sample of two addonprops + a ytyp generator tool)
  2. Create a props folder inside resources folder
  3. Create a stream folder inside resources/props
  4. Copy addonprops/Props Editor 1.1/def_props.ytyp inside resources/props
  5. Extract addonprops/dlcpack/addonprops/dlc.rpf content inside resources/props/stream folder using OpenIV
  6. Put this in __resource.lua
resource_manifest_version "44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937"

file 'def_props.ytyp'
data_file 'DLC_ITYP_REQUEST' 'def_props.ytyp'

In the client I have this :

[65922] loading DLC_ITYP_REQUEST resources:/props/stream/def_props.ytyp.
[65922] done loading resources:/props/stream/def_props.ytyp in data file mounter class CDLCItypFileMounter.

But I still can’t spawn objects ingame…

I probably need to stream content.xml and setup2.xml (those inside dlc.rpf) but I don’t know what kind of data type to use in __resource.lua

If someone know how to do this please share it :slight_smile:


can we bump this really interested in setting this up was doing the same thing. running into the same issue. I don’t think content.xml/setup2.xml really matter since they are just displaying location and type.


Here is a tutorial :slight_smile: [How-to] Stream addon props