Stream visualsettings.dat


It’d be great if servers were able to stream visualsettings.dat files to joining clients. I’m looking at installing server-side ELS and it’s not really possible to get it to work properly without having clients install visualsettings.dat on their machines. Since we can’t stream that file to clients, and we can’t get everyone to install client-side mods (small public server), we won’t be able to use ELS cars since their lights will be too dim.

Didn’t see any similar topics when I searched, but if there’s already a topic for this please link it so I can go vote for it.

Stream a visualsettings file [Resolved]
Stream Radiance V to FiveM server?

Its not FiveM side partially due to the fact that not all of Fivem is police based, its a platform for many different things and that would just be another moving part that could break. And anther thing is that visual setting are completely preference based not everyone or all servers need or want the same amount of light.



just be another moving part that could break

You could make this argument about literally any new feature request that you don’t personally see value in. Maybe I don’t see value in feature requests to help racing servers, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make any enhancements to help those types of servers just because those enhancements have a chance of breaking.

not everyone or all servers need or want the same amount of light

So if a visualsettings.dat exists locally in citizen\common\data, then use that one instead of any server-streamed ones. However, if no visualsettings.dat file exists there, and a server wants to stream one, use it for that server. As it is that’s our use case anyway, someone who already has visualsettings installed will likely have no problems seeing ELS lights, the problems would only happen with people who don’t have any client side visualsettings.


Dude, you wouldn’t be obligated to stream a visualsettings.dat file… A feature can be added regardless of you using it or not. Nurse, I need an ego lowerer over here.

And btw, visualsettings is not only for police based stuff.