Steam ownership issue


I have a reason to believe that there is a bug for users that have purchased the game directly from rockstar, or more specifically users who have not purchased the game from steam. Whenever steam is open and I attempt to connect to a server I get a never ending “Connecting : (the ip address of the server).” However if I close steam and attempt to connect I get a message from most servers about how my steam needs to be open. There are some servers that allow me to connect when my steam is closed, but most require steam.


ditto, I’ve tried finding a way to link my social club account and steam account so steam knows that I own a legit copy of the game but have been unsuccessful so far.


It’s not about owning a copy of GTA V - what games do you own on your Steam account, or that you have played before?


I own hundreds of games on steam… Do you think that one of them could be causing the problem?