Steam Identity


[Window Title]
[Main Instruction]
Couldn’t find SteamID please re-launch the game while Steam is open
[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: fivem.exe+D1498A
Report ID: 11a1f173-d2e6-443f-9e97-c7aad831cc1f (use Ctrl+C to copy)

This does not allow players on my server to go without a steam
How can I get them to go in without STEAM?


@Hypix, just tell them to have steam running before they open FiveM.


You can disable authentication via third party software like steam by commenting the following lines

sv_authMaxVariance 1
sv_authMinTrust 5


Remove whatever resource you have that forces Steam in such a horrible way.


They are already commented out


I have a lot of resources on my server, how can I find out what Steam opens up?


Either look through the code (with ctrl f) and find the file/resource that contains that specific kick/crash message (Couldn’t find SteamID please re-launch the game while Steam is open).

Or disable all of them, and re-enable one by one and try to join each time after enabling a new resource. The last enabled resource when you can’t join anymore is the one causing it.


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