Just loaded up fiveM & it updated, I then check my GTA V directory & there is now a file in there called ‘steam_appid’ my version of GTA V isn’t the steam version so I can only assume it was added when fiveM updated, will this lead to me getting banned when I go on GTA Online?


No it will not.


Ok thanks for the info, just wondering what it was & why it was there, it looked odd so I removed it :confused:

Edit: I loaded up FiveM again & it was there again, I removed it just to be certain, do I need to?

Again I have the non steam version hence why I was bothered :confused:


Do I need to delete it before going to GTA Online? I have the non steam version.


no you can leave it alone. you will not get banned for playing FiveM.


Ok thanks for the info :slight_smile: just out of curiosity why does it now add it to the GTA V directory everytime FiveM is started up it did before?