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Hello, and welcome to our home! State of HavocRP is a new and growing community just opening up to the world. A lot of work and dedication has been put into this project and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.

What we are:
We are a group of people looking to create the best role play experience you will find! We love rping and have seen quite a few different styles of it, and want to bring you ours!

Our Features:
-ESX Framework
-Law Enforcement program containing State Police and LSPD
-Emergency medical services program
-Fully menu based
-Legal jobs to work hard for your money
-Illegal jobs to work a little bit harder, for a whole lot of reward
-Become a black market dealer (Gather parts for guns, craft them, and sell them!)
-Many more features you will have to come see for yourself!

Our Goal:
To create a strong community that loves rp just as much as we do! To enjoy our time rping together and to give the best experience we can.

Law Enforcement:
Our team of dedicated law enforcement leaders have worked together to create a fun and serious LEO Program. We offer Los Santos Police Department to patrol the municipal area and unincorporated Los Santos County. Our state officers patrol all of the state, focusing on the north and flexing in the south when needed! Both departments are looking to build their leadership and are looking for strong, capable applicants!

We appreciate you!
We appreciate you taking the time to take a look at our community, and invite you to become apart of it and to enjoy all of the features listed above, and those that we left for you to see for yourself. Our community is growing, and would love for you to grow with us.


Server Pictures / Videos


Drugs to npcs:


Hello there,
I am Javier C. the Colonel for the San Andreas State Police. We are currently accepting application and inquires for the department. We also are looking to fill command and leadership positions. Hop on our discord and send myself a message to further venture into this wonderful community.

Very Truly Yours,
Javier Cruz


Played on this server a little bit, police team is very neat and professional and the modifications to the server are awesome! Very fun and will be returning


Server is fun I just wish more people played


Still hiring!



Our server is fun as hell! Good cops fun and funny role play, friendly staff… nothing but good vibes and fun times.
We got drugs and all sorts of cool shit! We have a role play over rule play mindset here, at the end of the day our aim is to provide you the players with a rich and immersive role play experience! Feel free to stop on by make a persistant character and start working towards the better things in life!


Update log 3/12/18

Added repair kits to the stores so you can repair your vehicle with one.
Switched to a better garage script.
Added buyable apartments.
Added a chop shop for civilians.
Change vehicle shop and cad to have real vehicle names.
Added a lock system.
Added crafting to the menu so you no longer have to go to a marker to craft guns(if you have the parts).
Added hunger and thirst.
Added the ability to get drunk.
Added the ability to play paintball with your friends.
Added Synns great looking loading screen.
Fixed the ability to exploit the drug circles.

In the works:
A bounty Hunter job
Draw animation

Still looking for all police and most staff postions