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Invite URL: https://discord.gg/34b5n3Y

Server Website: Coming Soon!

First of all, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to check out the post for StateLife RP and we hope you like what you see!

What is StateLife RP?

StateLife RP is a new and unique roleplaying community based on the FiveM platform. Unlike other communities, we do not use any framework, such as ESX to keep our players occupied. We firmly believe that a true roleplay experience is found from the players that create it, rather than never-ending grinding for cash within an economy.

Within StateLife, we give each individual the opportunity to truly express themselves through their roleplay and their actions. No character is bound by the linear structure of having to have a pre-determined career in order to earn a living. Each and every individual is given complete freedom to follow their own story and create an actual life for their in-game personality, all within a small but growing community. You will, without a doubt, be free to create an immersive and engaging roleplay experience that will constantly develop for yourself and those around you.

We won’t bore you and overload you with unnecessary features that many may not even use, as the greatest feature our community has and will continue to have, are the players themselves. We will continue to improve and develop with the support of the community and look forward to have you if you are interested.

What features are available?

Being free of a framework does not mean to say StateLife is without useful and important features that aid in creating a powerful roleplay experience, but more so leave the foremost control to the players. Below you will find a rapidly expanding list of features as time goes on;

• EUP - A completely revamped selection of law enforcement uniforms that add variety to each patrol!
• Custom Peds/Vehicle Packs - We have added a enormous fleet of vehicles for various departments, complete with custom skins, aswell as character models that give you much more realistic options!
• CAD/MDT - An invaluable tool during police patrols and allows a further degree of immersion with civilians, aswell as emergency services!
• P.I.S - Keeps our officers on their toes with AI scenarios, even when not interacting with real players!
• Map Additions - Developments to San Andreas creates a much more enjoyable state to live in!
• Bail Bonds, Stringers & More - There’s no limit to the number of player-owned organisations or companies that can be created to develop your stories further!
• & Much More!

Below you will find a few screenshots of what we have to offer and can hopefully develop upon with new additions to our community! We look very forward to meeting any new members and thanks again for taking the time to read this!

-StateLife RP Administration


Horrible server, Scammed me for vehicles. Horrible staff not legit at all. DONT JOIN


let’s get this right, you gave us NO vehicles first of all. You joined just for a high role in the community, showing us what cars you had. I BANNED you, because of this, nobody scammed you dude.


Good to see so many joining us and supporting the community! Law enforcement and fire department positions still available! Join Today!