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Welcome to the State of Urgency Roleplay Community! We are a new and constantly evolving roleplay community looking for new members to come and join us. We offer a variety of different departments for you to choose from and we’re sure you’ll love everything else we have to offer.

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Age Requirement: 14 Years Old

What Is State of Urgency RP?
State of Urgency Roleplay is a serious, yet enjoyable Grand Theft Auto: V community based on Civilian and Law Enforcement roleplay with an emphasis on realism, structure, and persistence. We have recently opened and currently looking for new members to fill our ranks. Our community currently has a full development team, 2 dedicated servers, several departments, customized CAD/MDT system, custom vehicle packs and we are constantly working on new ways to enhance the experience of our members. We are truly looking to be the new industry standard!

What Does State of Urgency RP have to offer?
The State of Urgency RP community looks to offer all of our members a roleplay experience that they’ve never had before. We are a very structured community that aims to create an immersive and rewarding environment for dedicated individuals looking to help us become something better and better. We want to show people an enjoyable experience while allowing for a seamless display of realistic Civilian and Law Enforcement roleplay to come alive.

Features of SoURP:

  • 2 Dedicated Servers
  • 1 Full TeamSpeak Server
  • Full Development Team
  • Law Enforcement Scripts
  • Civilian Scripts
  • Fire & EMS Scripts
  • Dedicated Website
  • Constantly Evolving UI Systems
  • Non-Invasive Script System
  • Customized CAD/MDT System
  • Web-based Servers (i.e LiveMap, etc.)
  • Multiple Departments to Apply for.
  • Experienced and Dedicated Leadership
  • Custom Vehicle Packs
  • Custom Pedestrian Models
  • Civilian Businesses
  • Dedicated Field Training Department
  • Fluid Chain of Command System
  • Active Members / 32 Player Patrols Every Day!
  • AMAZING Roleplay on FiveM


  • San Andreas State Troopers [ RECRUITING ]
  • Los Santos Police Department [ RECRUITING ]
  • Blaine County Sheriff’s Office [ RECRUITING ]
  • San Andreas Communications [ RECRUITING ]
  • San Andreas Fire Rescue [ RECRUITING ]
  • Civilian Operations [ RECRUITING ]


Law Enforcement

Fire Rescue

Coming Soon

Civilian Operations

Coming Soon


New question. Looking for more talent!

Bump! Now Recruiting.

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The city of Justice Roleplay Community is one of the most diverse, professional and well-managed roleplay communities. This a picture of one of the beautiful BCSO Crown Victorias getting ready for patrol with its new Probationary Deputy.

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The CoJRP Community is still recruiting as of 5/16/2019. Join today!

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Love being on here. Lots of great people and staff is very polite and nice. Beautiful police cars and nice roleplay.

The CoJRP Community is still recruiting as of 5/18/2019. Join today!

The CoJRP Community is still recruiting as of 5/19/2019. Join today!

High hiring in Civ and Fire!!!


Haha gotcha, probably the first one who cares about that :rofl:

The CoJRP Community is still recruiting as of 5/20/2019. Join today!

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The CoJRP Community is still recruiting as of 5/21/2019. Join today!

New staff/administrative changes!

Hello I am the Director of CoJRP were still hiring looking for Head of Departments in Highway, Police, and Fire! New custom scripts and vehicles placed in

I love this server A LOT.

Bump! New civilian director needed

… WHAT are we applying for? what’s your server offer? NO INFORMATION!!! WHY IS THIS EVEN IN SERVER BAZAAR?

Bump! - Hehe.

Wait. Why is this thread for CoJRP but the OP and topic title says State of Urgency?


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