State of the Snail: August 2018


Hello, community! Similarly to the past two State of the :mascot: posts, this time we’ll summarize some recent project developments in order to shed some light on the project progress, and inform you about some future plans.

This week in FiveM

No development was done this week, we have continued monitoring the service infrastructure, user reports as well as continued planning for future development.

The intent exists to provide some weekly progress reports, even if no progress has been made.

Recent development

We recently introduced subdirectory model streaming (for e.g. streamedpeds) as a test for the Element Club members, community uptake has been as expected - no weird issues were reported, but metrics suggest there’s some improvements to potentially make.

OneSync (‘64 slots’, as the community has taken to call it) has seen minor development in reducing core issues, but as the server build boxes are offline for the time being development after that has been suspended. Internal tests with #hate/#hate-plus have been performed, leading to satisfactory data regarding improving these subsystems to be accurate to internal game code invocation in addition to data gathered during April’s stress test.

Other than that, reliability improvements have been made to reduce the incidence of top game crashers as reported using the crash reporting system, and new top crashers have displaced the old ones.

Player count peaks are stable, showing slight increases week-over-week.


Near-future development will focus on four pillars:

  • OneSync stabilization: Get OneSync ready for larger-scale prototype testing, fixing common specific crashers, synchronization flaws and getting population working again under the new object manager.
  • Reliability: Investigate top crashers, potentially asking for (or automatically gathering) user feedback relating to the cause of crashes, trying to eliminate at least the first page of Sentry crash reports. Investigate better UX for crashes, and make user error less likely to lead to issues while starting or running FiveM. Figure out means to have servers report crashes automatically as well.
  • Developer experience: Improve error reporting, finalize JS runtime specifics, update and make Mono more consistent, implement cross-language debuggers/profilers, and tweak other elements of developer experience to get rid of development pain points. Improve access to documentation and task community members with writing documentation.
  • Experimentation: Research better ways to handle certain game engine features to lead to more unique platform abilities. Continue to lead the forefront of open and transparent RAGE game engine research and figure out means to integrate existing functionality provided by the GTA modding community in a cleaner fashion. Do wacky things.

Yes, OneSync is its own pillar.

Community engagement

Short and simple: we :heart: you. People have provided more and more useful pull requests to the project, sensible resources have been released, and more and more players have been attracted to the project.

See you next time!

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This week in FiveM: August 15, 2018

Great keep it up :slight_smile:


#hate still lives! And it has a relative!

edited to make sure that I don’t associate #hate-plus with a gender.


:heart: :heart: to the :snail:



Hides in a hole :hole: :point_left:

Awesome to see what the current state is, even though most of them is discussed in the #hate and #hate-plus channels on discord haha.


Thanks for the update! Great to see things moving along. Keep it up everyone!


crawls out of cave I heard OneSync?


wow, this is simply incredible, it’s good being back! :slight_smile: keep it up, we :heart: you too!


These state of the snail updates are great. I would love to see them more frequently, even quarterly would be great.

Thanks for the update. Cheers to all the work yall have completed.


There are many toxic children in the FiveM community that may blind you guys from the fact that we are extremely grateful for your guys work, thanks for updating us!

Quick question, which users/groups gain access to #hate-plus ?


Nice! Loving everything here, great job and keep it up!


I believe it are EC’s and server testing groups.


we :heart: you too


Great to see, keep up the good work :heart:️. Particularly looking forward to the future development enhancements!


Sooooo… Since there was no bug problems with the clothing stream will it be released for everyone?


Thank you for that fantastic information…


Fix bug with ram usage pls
i have 8GB Ram and my usage is 7,3GB
it stutter every time i drive its annoying beacause in normal GTA ONLINE i can play on highest possible settings without stutter or lag and my ram usage is 5,5.
Stutter makes game unplayable.

I will stop playing mod to time when you gonna fix this bug.


This is a shottily coded resource on whatever server you’re on, not related to FiveM.


are you implying that every RP server has terrible coded resources? If yes, :+1:, if not :angry:


He didn’t say every one. He was being specific. At I believe there is always a lot of room for improvements. Especially, then it comes to RP servers, which usually have a lot of resources in general.