State of San Andreas



Been in SOSA for almost a year now. I’m strongly grateful for every chance they’ve given me. The server is friendly, the LEO, DOT and FD are very professional and are always on duty. Everyone is helpful and they do the best as they possibly can. Don’t think I’ll ever regret joining. This place is my life. My home. My Family.
Highly Recommend SOSA. Great Place.

Ben A. - E4 Head Of Staff


I have been on SOSA for 111 days. It has been very fun and great to spend so much time on the server. If you ever want to play on a very realistic and down to earth server with great guys then join SOSA. I love each member individually for their own personalities and traits and In the coming future im going to miss them.

Jamie C - E1 Executive


Quick update…

Afternoon all. SOSA is growing drastically since our last update; over 80+ people in SASP, 33+ in SAFD, 28+ DOT & with over 25 dispatchers, the experience has never been so great. This message is to thank all our current units in all departments for the sheer amount of dedication. With having 20+ people in our Radio Traffic a day without fail is really impressive.

Development vehicle updates:

New additions to the SWAT Insurgent lighting, adding a traffic advisor. Courtesy of @Marcel-R

New AIR-1/MED-1 skinned by @Marcel-R

2019 Dodge Ram 1500 - (new base-model for the current Dodge Ram, as the currently Ram has broken collisions) Courtesy of @Marcel-R

Feel free to join us…

  • We hope to see you pop on our discord, if you have any questions please private message on the FiveM forum or you can open a support ticket within our Discord and we can get back to you as and when we can.

Discord invite -


Hey Quick question. How often do you look at your developer applications?


Can I divert you to the Discord? - Please ask there.


Aviation Support Unit - Promotional film.

The High Command of the San Andreas State Police present our newly created promotional video. Courtesy of Eddie F.

Take it to the skies.




I have been with the community for almost 8 months and it has been amazing. Staff team is one of the best I have ever seen always professional and willing to help others in need. Currently still in this amazing server and have grown in almost every department. San Andreas State Police: Captain, San Andreas Fire Department: Head Fire Marshall, Communications Department: Dispatch overseer and finally Staff/Executive: E3 Senior Executive. I am seeing the server grow almost everyday and that keeps me coming back every single day to play. One of the most amazing things to see on the server is when people are having fun and respect other players. We in SOSA treat everybody with respect and that makes it one of the best servers I have ever played on. Join and see for yourself what kind of a family we are!

Much Love,

Noah W. | 1201 | 2202 | F-04 | C-105


Discord invite link:

  • I’ve been asked a lot for the Discord invite links - It’s in the OP but for those who scroll down the comments, wll, here you go…


The State Of San Andreas is the best what i can find from FiveM :woozy_face: Good executives, sexy owner and co-owner :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_heart:
I have been now about 1,5 months in SOSA and it have been my best time what i have been for whole :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s it. Leave the drama off the forums or suspensions will be given for Xmas


Hello I am Billy, I guess I am one of those so called “stringers”.

I take pics on SOSA and I truly love it, such great community with tons of custom things like cars, scripts etc.


San Andreas State Police - RECRUITING

Mission Statement: The San Andreas State Police is a full service state wide law enforcement agency who’s goal is to provide the highest degree of public service through professionalism, integrity, honour and commitment in order to protect the rights and ensure the safety of all residents of the state.

Message from the Commissioner
State of San Andreas is a special place, a unique community made up of different types of people from different types of backgrounds. As a law enforcement department within the community it is our main objective to reduce crime and ensure a healthy environment for everyone. However we are not just all about reducing crime, one of our main objectives is also to create a positive relationship with the rest of the community. I am officially inviting you to our department to join us in our journey to grow bigger. Apply through the State Police Academy and push yourself to the limit. - 1104 Chris W.

(Out of Character)

  1. Join our discord and our community at
  2. Be at least 14 years of age.
  3. Be in the community for over 24 hours.

(In Character)

  1. Must be physically and mentally fit.
  2. Must have a clean criminal record.
  3. Must be self motivated.
  4. Must at least be a high school graduate.
  5. Must be at least 21 years old.

The Academy

Photo Credits - Billy J


We did it!

With the help of all of you, we’ve managed to hit 1.8k members. Thank you, it means a lot.


State Of San Andreas
I have been apart of this Server since August 13 2018 and i haven’t left or made Bad Decisions whilst here, previous servers i have been apart of have either died or i have left due to inactivity or me getting bored of it.

SOSA does offer many Departments such as SASP, SAFD, SADOT and SACD i have only been to 2 Departments during my career but i am hoping in the future that i am able to continue my Career and make more Members join and make SOSA grow even more.

During my hard times at Life it does take away all the Bad stuff it takes away from me and all Educational shit i have always. All i have to say is Thank You SOSA for everything! :kissing_closed_eyes:

C-208 | Dominic R.
Senior Civilian I
SACD - Corporal Dispatcher / Supervisor


State of San Andreas Official “2019 Trailer”.

Created by: @StiXx
Wish you all a happy new year. All the best for 2019!


Development Team update:

We’ve had a large increase in growth within the development team recently and would like to give a warm welcome our new developers and positions appointed.

System Administrator: @Nathan_C
Lead Developer: @Marcel-R
Senior Developer: @milo3
Junior Developer: @StiXx
Junior Developer: @BillyJ
Junior Developer: @IllusiveTea
Junior Developer: @rowansc1
Trial Developer: @Clatanii
Trial Developer: @Scott_UK
Trial Developer: @Woopi

We have all of our development previews up to date by our developers here:

Link to the development application: Development app.


Few changes… wew

Don’t miss out - make sure to join our Discord.

  • SOSA:Rewritten… going really well, waiting on commands then we’ll do a test for the Executives. Hopefully, if all goes well, we can publish SOSA:R to the public!
  • Verification system update: if Discord account is <1 month, they’ll have to verify (prevent bots).
  • Nathan’s now a Director! woah
  • SASP is doing well, I think? The pictures look good at least…


Damn, we’ve done it again, 1900+ Members, close to 2000 now! Feel free to pop in and say Hello!


Hi, I’m Billy. And this is me explaining my experience in SOSA so far.

My name is Billy J and I rejoined SOSA about 3-4 months ago, and I can only start by saying that this is for sure one of the better communities out there. Why? Well let me tell you.

Upon joining SOSA the first time about a year and a half ago I truly fell in love, I had never seen any kind of community trying to actually be professional before with everything from staff to gameplay. Now a lot of communities actually pursue the title of being “professional” but SOSA really gets it right. This is because they mainly focus on getting the best of the best assets from vehicles to scripts and staff, a lot of servers out there does not care who they recruit to staff positions and lets anybody join, this does not only affect the servers look to the outside world, but does also effect everyone in it, speaking from experience. But thanks to hard work SOSA can easily claim the title of a “professional roleplay server” and I really hope that the people who join will see that on arrival. As stated before I speak from about 1 year of experience when it comes to server ownership/management, I have seen servers rise and fall not only my own but others as well and this has gave me the experience needed to understand the theoretical parts about owning/running a server, because not only is a server about the practical parts (Trainings, cars, scripts etc.) but also how it’s ran and who’s behind it.

I can only say thank you to everyone in SOSA for making my experience the best one I’ve had (so far) and personally thank the staff/owners for being such amazing people.

Thank you SOSA
Thank you all
- Billy J