State of San Andreas



Oh, well, thank you, I guess. ;p


alright, i’m gonna have to ask you to stop bumping this topic every few days, if people want to join, they will find it, posting your server changelogs here will do literally nothing for you as noone cares


Didn’t a mod tell you to stop bumping? So why keep doing it?


Fix this guy… (2000 char)


unban me? (Matt A.)

[20 Chars]


Hey Matt,

If you wish to be unbanned please fill out an ban appeal. Thank you.


Okay, is there a rough time on a response?


Most likely as it isnt checked a lot. However, we do get to them ;p


when do you think they’ll next be checked, I’m eager to play sosa :stuck_out_tongue:


I will check when I can.


Could you unban me in discord now and we can talk, I think you’ll remember me…


Revoked your ban, you may now communicate with the Executives


Great Server, a lot of unique departments such as Department of Parks, Fugitive Recovery (Warrant Division), Department of Transport. And of course, it has the usual SAHP, BCSO, LSPD etc. The department heads/staff team are friendly and always willing to help those in need.

The Server is regularly maintained and new things are being added/worked on every day to ensure any issues are fixed and new features are added to enhance the already amazing roleplay experience.

The Server also offers a whitelist server, whitelist patrols occur on weekends. These patrols are extremely professional, would definitely recommend applying if your someone who is mature and is looking for a mature roleplay patrol.

Hope to see you around on the State of San Andreas!!


Link isn’t working somehow


Sorry, here’s a new one, my dumb-ass deleted the old one, apologies.


I will buy everyone Pizza from Dominos if u join


Bump. Great community, we’ve merged all LEO to SASP so everyone has a chance to participate in RP scenarios throughout the map. New CAD under development with more teasers to come. Join us on discord today!


Dispatch hiring? If so lmk


Yes. Communications is always hiring, as well as our other departments. If you join our discord, you can get in contact with Noah W. He is one of the best dispatchers we have, and would love to help you.


Is there a separate private server? or is it just public