State of San Andreas



lol yh my speling is crap lol lol lol


You love it really! <3 :smiley:


I know, GRAMMER POLICE :policeman: :oncoming_police_car: :de:



((20 Characters))


State Of San Andreas || Official 2018 Trailer || FiveM


That was hot :heart_eyes:


is dispatch still hiring?


I didnt see the name on the application forum


Its a sub division, so if you get accepted after the interview phase, you can than apply for dispatch!


oh… neeeeeevvvveeeeerrrrrmmmmmiiiinnnnndddddd


Alrighty, We are thinking of making it a department though. So if you stick around you may see it be implemented soon.


oh, thanks anyway. I dont have 5M or able to run the client


Yeh thats exactly what we wanted to do, give a chance to people who don’t have the game. :stuck_out_tongue:


ah, I have come across those communitys who dont have the communications department


Yeah we are in the process of changing it to a department instead of a division


that would be better so it is less confusing


hai sur due yuo have cad sestam?


Updated Website is now up along with the forum! <3


Activate dat windows boi



Soon :tm: