State of San Andreas


             Welcome to the State of San Andreas FiveM page!

Discord invite -
Applications Link:
SOSA Website:

Who are We?

We are dedicated to providing you with the most realistic Law Enforcement Server, we strive to make your role-play experience consistently fun and realistic. Being a family means looking out for another. We hope to see you join the family.

What we have to Offer:

We are currently hiring full-time members of the following Departments:

  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Department of Transport
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Communications Department (911 Operator)

We are always accepting Civilians to be apart of our Civilian Unrestricted Operation team! It is not a required position to apply, just join the Discord and hop on when we do our official patrols.


Features in the server:

  • Votekick - Anyone can use this.
  • Custom LEO/FD/DOT/Civilian vehicles and assets.
  • Luxart vehicle control.
  • SOSAmenu.
  • Custom Discord rich presence.
  • Custom rcon -> server commands. More on our Discord.
  • Custom map modifications. (Bus stops, trees, etc.)
  • Resource & server management.
  • Custom Radar/ALPR.
  • Custom PEDs with over 100 customisations.
  • Logs for all law enforcement commands for communications.

Our CAD is in development:

As most of our community is aware, we are very excited to announce that we, well… Havoc has started back-end API development. We have plans for a lot of ideas. We are not wanting to go for the generic ‘bubble apps CAD’ look, we’re completely making it from scratch and we are basing it off a real-life Dispatch system that LEO/Communications use.

Previews & updates:

To check for updates and the current state, please visit our Discord and locate the #sosa-git-updates channel. Here, you can read all the pushes for the CAD.




The CAD is currently being worked on by:

Interested in helping?

If you are interested in helping out in the development of the CAD, I would recommend applying to be a part of our very experienced development team. You may apply here.


  • The Civilian Department is for the Role-players who want to mess with the cops or be the most wanted person in the community or RP with the firefighters and be a law abiding Citizen. We are currently hiring all positions in the Civilian Department.

  • The San Andreas State Police department is our active Law Enforcement department. These are the highly trained officers who take down the criminals and keep the State of San Andreas safe.

  • San Andreas Department of Transport is an elite government agency that has a full purpose of fixing/towing vehicles in any state. They have easy training that keeps the state clear of abandoned cars. They are a part of the SASP department when requested to tow vehicles.

  • Communications is the division for people who don’t like to be in the field or they simply do not have the game, Communications handles all Dispatching and Communications in all Frequencies Fire, Police, Civs. We are currently Hiring all positions in the Communications Division.


If you can develop we are seeking developers to help with our server as well. We are in need of developers understanding how to code, and even simply people who can suggest decent scripts to make the overall role-play experience better!

Pictures of our server.


Videos of our server.

Can’t wait to have you on board!

We hope to see you pop on our Discord if you have any questions please private message on the FiveM forum or you can open a support ticket within our Discord and we can get back to you as and when we can.

Contact us

  • If you’re looking to contact any member of the directorate directly, feel free to email us - We’ll reply as and when we can.

Thank’s for taking interest in State of San Andreas!

© SOSA Network (State of San Andreas RPC), 2018

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Experienced Developer and ex Co-Owner - Looking for an amazing Community
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State Of San Andreas Roleplay Is in my opinion one of the best servers I have experienced all the players are kind helpful and the staff are too if you ever need help and you message staff they will try there hardest to reply as soon as possible its a really great server!


Very amazing server. Professional players admitted into the server such as PD etc. Staff are fun to play with and are indeed very very welcoming, I enjoy my roleplaying experience here as a HP unit. Many many thanks to everyone for making me welcome into the community, This server has potential and will most indefinable get far into the community :slight_smile:


state of San Andreas is the best roleplaying server i have played on from active admins to plenty of great roleplayers :smiley:


@Motion_films Hey dude you didn’t get rejected i think it was last week i was speaking to david about it i tried looking for you name in the members list in discord to interview you but you left the discord so i obviously couldn’t do anything about it


i just got banned becuse somone was tp players to mzbank and they blame my fuck off


I don’t see any custom cop cars.


You do realize the discord link is expired right?


If you are still looking for a dispatcher I will be a dispatcher for you, The Computer I have currently cant run discord so i will have to get a WindowsOS computer but I am interested . If you are wondering I am a dispatcher irl, if you are interested email me @


if you have 650 members then why do u need to advertise ? from my standpoint u probile have 60+ thats bout it


Go ahead and apply for LEO on the discord.


He said probably i believe :stuck_out_tongue:


have fun guys i wish i coud be part of it but bye


Hope you enjoyed your stay


yh im sorry i just want a poperler server too


You want a


By “poperler” do you mean popular? The server is full for around 8-12 hours everyday…?


yh i did mean what you said


Okay so u want a server that’s full 24/7 so it’s difficukt to join it?


yh thats what i want to be abble to own my own server that is full


Whew :laughing: The grammar is horrible here! :heart_decoration: Luv u long time @DavidR