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             Welcome to the State of San Andreas FiveM page!

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Who are We?

Looking for realistic yet fun roleplay? If so, you’ve found yourself at the right place. Here at SOSA, we strive to bring you the most fun and realistic experience possible, while remaining professional. We’re all one big family, and we’re looking forward to having you join it!

Looking to be apart of one our our four departments? Here at SOSA, we offer our users the chance to join the San Andreas State Police, San Andreas Fire Department, San Andreas Department of Transportation, and the San Andreas Department of Communications. All of our applications can be found here.

We’re always looking for talented developers to join our team! If you are interested, we suggest you spend some time getting to know the community before applying. We welcome all constructive criticism to be able to bring you the best experience possible!

Are you interested in Aviation? Well, go ahead and apply for our Aviation Department here. We’re always looking for new pilots. Are you more interested in leading aircraft? Well, the ATC division is the place for you!

What we have to Offer:

We are currently hiring full-time members of the following Departments:

  • San Andreas State Police
  • San Andreas Department of Transport
  • San Andreas Fire Department
  • San Andreas Communications Department (911 Operator)
  • Lots of Civilian Businesses ran by players.

We are always accepting Civilians to be apart of our Civilian Unrestricted Operation team! It is not a required position to apply, just join the Discord and hop on.

Key Features

Features in the server:

  • Public servers, no need to apply for civilian!
  • Votekick - Anyone can use this.
  • Custom LEO/FD/DOT/Civilian vehicles and assets.
  • Luxart vehicle control.
  • SOSAmenu now integrated into vMenu.
  • Custom Discord rich presence.
  • Custom rcon -> server commands. More on our Discord.
  • Custom map modifications. (Bus stops, trees, VIP buildings, sandy shores airfield rework!)
  • Resource & server management.
  • Custom Radar/ALPR.
  • Custom PEDs with over 100 customisations.
  • Logs for all law enforcement commands for communications.
  • Comprehensive training in all departments. Realistic roleplay starts with vigorous training requirements.

Our CAD is in development:

As most of our community is aware, we are very excited to announce that we, well… Havoc has started back-end API development. We have plans for a lot of ideas. We are not wanting to go for the generic ‘bubble apps CAD’ look, we’re completely making it from scratch and we are basing it off a real-life Dispatch system that LEO/Communications use.

Previews & updates:

To check for updates and the current state, please visit our Discord and locate the #sosa-git-updates channel. Here, you can read all the pushes for the CAD.




The CAD is currently being worked on by:

Interested in helping?

If you are interested in helping out in the development of the CAD, I would recommend applying to be a part of our very experienced development team. You may apply here.


  • The Civilian Operations Department is for the Role-players who want to mess with the cops or be the most wanted person in the community or RP with the firefighters and be a law abiding Citizen. We are currently hiring all positions in the Civilian Department. - Current Civilian Operations Director: Michael P.

  • The San Andreas State Police department is our active Law Enforcement department. These are the highly trained officers who take down the criminals and keep the State of San Andreas safe. Subdivisions are active and recruiting which include, but not limited to: Air Support Unit, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, San Andreas Port and Beach Authority, Pursuit Intervention Unit, Division of Natural Resources, State Investigative Body, Motorcycle Unit (fitted with a further Bicycle Division), Canine Unit (K9), Crime Scene Investigations, Department of Corrections and finally Traffic Services Unit. - Current San Andreas State Police Commissioner: Matthew E.

  • The San Andreas Fire Department is one of the most advanced role-playing departments we have - fully trained Fire Fighters with access to the most modern Fire equipment at the reach of their fingertips. Subdivisions are active and recruiting which include, but not limited to: Medical Air Support (MED-1), Fire Investigations Unit, Fire Department Airport Division, Hazardous Materials Squad, Fire Department Coroner, Fire Department Water Rescue, Fire Patrol, Search and Rescue and finally Heavy Vehicle Rescue. - Current San Andreas Fire Department Chief: Tyler R.

  • San Andreas Department of Transport is an elite government agency that has a full purpose of fixing/towing vehicles in any state. They have easy training that keeps the state clear of abandoned cars. They are a part of the SASP department when requested to tow vehicles. - Current San Andreas Department of Transport Chief: Marcel R.

  • San Andreas Communications Department is the division for people who don’t like to be in the field or they simply do not have the game, Communications handles all Dispatching and Communications in all Frequencies Fire, Police. We are currently Hiring all positions in the Communications Division. - Current San Andreas Communications Department Director: Isaiah B.


If you can develop we are seeking developers to help with our server as well. We are in need of developers understanding how to code, and even simply people who can suggest decent scripts to make the overall role-play experience better!

We’re also looking for talented modelers and other developers to join our team. Come develop for one of the largest public FiveM communities available.

We use Trello to keep track of what needs doing and who is assigned to a task. So, if you’re serious about being a developer make sure you have already created a Trello account.

If you can use GIT version control, then tell us! We love that you know this and, might even help you get a position (especially if you’re applying for a programming position).

What we’re looking for:

  • Reliable developers - We want to know that you can reliably complete tasks we assign
  • Motivated - We want to know that you won’t just give up because “it’s too hard” (let’s be honest, this is basic stuff. You won’t be writing software in c++ for us).
  • Knowledgeable - I know we all need to start somewhere. But, I’m going to be honest. We don’t have time to teach you basic stuff. If you can’t write a simple loop, I’d apply at another time.

We also need to know that if we assign you a task, you will try and make some progress on it. Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of time that you’ll be assigned to something before assigning you (unless you choose a task yourself).

Pictures of our server.


Videos of our server.

Can’t wait to have you on board!

We hope to see you pop on our Discord if you have any questions please private message on the FiveM forum or you can open a support ticket within our Discord and we can get back to you as and when we can.

Contact us

  • If you’re looking to contact any member of the directorate directly, feel free to email us - We’ll reply as and when we can.

Thank’s for taking interest in State of San Andreas!

© SOSA Network (State of San Andreas RPC), 2018

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Experienced Developer and ex Co-Owner - Looking for an amazing Community
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State Of San Andreas Roleplay Is in my opinion one of the best servers I have experienced all the players are kind helpful and the staff are too if you ever need help and you message staff they will try there hardest to reply as soon as possible its a really great server!


Very amazing server. Professional players admitted into the server such as PD etc. Staff are fun to play with and are indeed very very welcoming, I enjoy my roleplaying experience here as a HP unit. Many many thanks to everyone for making me welcome into the community, This server has potential and will most indefinable get far into the community :slight_smile:


state of San Andreas is the best roleplaying server i have played on from active admins to plenty of great roleplayers :smiley:


State Of San Andreas || Official 2018 Trailer || FiveM


10/10 would visit again


Pretty good server, I know the staff members and they’re really nice and friendly. I can 90% reccommend them.


Thank you!


Bump. Great community, we’ve merged all LEO to SASP so everyone has a chance to participate in RP scenarios throughout the map. New CAD under development with more teasers to come. Join us on discord today!

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Bumping this. We’ve grown drastically over the past month with over 70 members in SASP, over 20 DOT, 19 Fire Department/EMT, and a fast growing dispatch and communications team for those who can’t always play in-game. We host weekly whitelisted patrols for an even better RP experience. Our public server is always staffed to keep a look out for those who want to run others’ fun with a great executive team that does their best to listen to the users.

As one of the CAD developers, the screenshots are just the beginning of a 100% custom CAD that no other server has. It’s a massive undertaking and I’m excited to continue development!

Worried about leaving your regular community for SOSA? Don’t worry as we allow dual-clanning! Join our discord to see what we’re all about or just chat.

I’m trying to grow our US presence as it’s lacking at the moment, so feel free to ping me on Discord directly if you want to set up something with your friends (Era#1337). Don’t be shy; join SOSA today!

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Great community with very professional owners. Keep up the good work David!

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Quick update…

Afternoon all. It’s come to our attention that the public server is full for a good 90% of the day. With emphasis on the word ‘full’, this leads me to announce a creation of another public server which our members are extremely hyped about. Just a note, due to others asking… All resources will remain the same on both public servers, same rules apply etc.

Another point I would like to present; the amount of support we’re reviving recently is insane and SOSA is growing massively every single day and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Connection address:

Quick Review
“State Of San Andreas…A community made for people to connect and have fun.” Over the course of more than a year, this statement has never gone invalid. It is truly amazing to see how this community has developed and still is developing. I am currently a Co-Director of the network. Now, I don’t want this comment to seem biased or anything of the kind but the Director of the community is truly amazing. Cares about the community and the people in it and strives to make everyone feel comfortable. Now, how do we achieve success? We listen, we adapt and most importantly, we perform. Your suggestions are always taken into consideration. I believe, even if I wasn’t in this position, that SOSA is definitely the one you should be aiming to join. its the best

If you are looking for a community to stay a long time with and possibly form your second family with, SOSA RPC is for you. Now, I really hope to see you soon in our family, we will be waiting for you <3


State Of San Andreas!

I joined this server about 10 months ago and the standards of the server was amazing! The Executives and all other departments! I was only a Civilian at the time but i enjoyed every moment!

I then took a break from FiveM and rejoined the community on the 26th June.

Now going from today the server is outstanding, even better than what it was 6 months

A Long Paragraph About Me

San Andreas Department Of Transport

As soon as I make my return I was doing some Civilian RP fixing up roads, then one of The Executives come up to me and spawned in a Department Of Transport Vehicle and said you should join! So I went ahead and applied! I had never heard of the SADOT before that. But now I’m still dedicated to that department. As i’m now the Deputy Chief. When I had more free time i’d do my SADOT hours then hop on as a civilian.


Doing all different creative RP scenarios. Using the perks I had gained from making my way up the Civilian rank tiers.

  • Civilian II - Motorbikes and Boats
  • Civilian III - Supercars
  • Senior Civilian I - Animal RP
  • Senior Civilian II - Fires

Now I’ve made my way up to a Civilian Supervisor. So I can watch over other Civilians Role Play and give the Promotions or Demotions depending on the quality of their RP.

San Andreas Fire Department

About 1 Month ago I applied for Voluntary Fire. This is also a amazing role that requires less time but still gives you access to go on as a Fire Personnel or Medical Personnel.


Also around 1 month ago I applied to be one of SOSA’s Map developers. The Head Of Staff had never heard of this before so I had to show them what I could do! So if you drive around you may see map modifications you will never see on any other servers. Like the Sandy Shores Gas Station, Ace Liquor Gas Station or the SADOT Station.

San Andreas State Police

Then finally going back 2 weeks I joined San Andreas State Police. I was doubting it a lot the hours I had to put in, the training etc. But now I powered on through the 4 Hour training and got my Job done. Around a week ago I was given a Special Invitation to the S.W.A.T department and took the opportunity to join another 4 hour training!


I’d never leave this sever as the community is amazing and you cannot fault it! I’d highly suggest you join us TODAY!

Also Thank You for taking your time to read this :slight_smile:

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To be fair, I joined SOSA in November 2017, It’s been a great ride. SOSA is honestly amazing, the staff team do their job perfectly, I can’t correct much at all, our high command has such a good vibe, the communication between themselves is amazing. We are currently running around 80 Law Enforcement Units, with a total of 17 Executives. Please feel free to join our discord, and contact a member of staff if you need any support. Hope to see you all soon. Have a wonderful day!

  • Cayne B. - Director
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About Me

So, on the 10th November 2017 myself and my friend Chris E, decided we had enough of the server we was playing on and decided to join SOSA via the server list. The role play was great. We really enjoyed it. My friend ended up applying for Law Enforcement on 19th November, and managed to get accepted, however at the time i never thought i would even get accepted. I spent around 30-40 minutes on my application, making sure it made sense etc. Somehow, and thankfully I got accepted, I really enjoyed my Training that was done by @DavidR and Olivia P. The server was amazing, the LEO back in the day was so fun and still is to this day. One day I ended up applying for staff as i thought i had enough experience on the server to give it a go. I ended up getting accepted (Not sure by who It was on the old logs). I had a great time as an executive, but unfortunately due to my stupid actions I ended up losing my staff position. I waited 2 months for my strikes to disappear and then reapplied for staff, and hoping for once last change. Somehow I worked I got my Staff back, i had to start from the beginning but at the time. I didn’t care at all. It just proves no matter what happens you can always come back and make a difference. I ranked up my staff position to E3 in the matter of two weeks which was insane. Unfortunately due to some life problems, my good friend @EddieF had to give up his director role which left a spot open. After a few days of thinking David got myself and Matthew W in a Voice Chat and basically gave us both a promotion. Myself to E4 and Matthew to Director. The changes made a couple people leave as they didn’t think my position was right. However all i had in my mind was to prove them wrong and that’s all I did. I kept my E4 Position for around 3-4 Months and now, I’m a director. My trip has been long and worth It. I love SOSA I really do and would never let anyone mess it up. I’m so thankful about David, Eddie, Olivia, and a couple others that helped me through my journey in SOSA. And i hope to keep it going for a good time to come.

Law Enforcement

So, as i said before I got accepted for San Andreas State Police on the 19-11-2018 by David R. I went through my promotion as fast as possible. It was difficult at first, learning all the 10 codes etc, but soon enough it become a lot easier.

Couple month’s later We split our LEO into 3 departments. - BCSO - SAHP - LSPD, I ended up transferring to LSPD, becoming the deputy chief along side Eddie. However, only 30 days later, I ended up transferring again to BCSO, where i really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun being up in Blaine County rather than in the City. Over the next month, I was all over the place, trying to find somewhere to fit in… My Ranks are below

  • LSPD - Deputy Chief
  • BCSO - Deputy sheriff
  • SAHP - Lieutenant
  • SAPD - Chief
  • SASP - Chief of Distict Two - Currently

I really enjoy LEO and honestly I do not regret joining it one bit.


Since, my joining of SOSA the civilian department has been developing very quickly. Around 6-7 months ago we ended up getting Civilian Ranks which I managed to climb. At one point - Around two months ago I became the Civilian Director, this was great. I was able to manage the civilian and attempt to get the best possible RP going. Unfortunately this rank didn’t stay for long, this was because I ended up rejoining LEO and I decided to pass it on too Michael P. Where as a team, we managed to gain around 5-6 Civilian High Command which now runs very smoothly and I’m very proud to have these guys here helping us.


Overall, I don’t think i’m ever gonna leave this server or community, it’s honestly great, never had a problem with anyone in the server that effected me much. When I did the staff team was able to help me as soon as possible. And now that’s my job to help you guys. I really suggest you guy’s come check us out via discord and our FiveM server and try it out yourself.

Thank you for reading have a great day.! :slight_smile:

SOSA Discord :

  • Cayne B.

SOSA Director

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State Of San Andreas, well what can I say that you don’t already know? Ah SOSA is easily one of the most professional RolePlay servers out there! So why not take the opportunity to apply? Oh, I see you want some more knowledge about the server. Well SOSA is a menu based server so you don’t have to start with a bicycle or by foot to earn money to do stuff! SOSA has its own developer department with lovely and experienced devs, almost every custom vehicle you’ll see on the server is custom made all police vehicles, FD vehicles, EMS vehicles etc… Still not that impressed? Well, they also have their own department called “SADOT aka DOT” so what are they doing? Easily they are a department made for players who want to RolePlay as a tow-trucker, they take care of every single car that’s Broken down or if you need a tow for a suspects vehicle just call them in! So why NOT join SOSA today? Be the best of the best in SanAndreasStatePatrol or The best of the best in any other department! SOSA IS WAITING FOR YOU! No, I wasn’t forced to write this by our lovely Director aka Server owner. The staff on SOSA is lovely you can ask them anything because their’s no stupid questions only stupid answers the owner and co-owners are lovely can’t say anything else about that! So join SOSA today! WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU in discord!

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Absolutely the only public server I know to actually have a good rp experience. They listen to what their community wants which is key and not many servers do this. Recommend to play on sosa especially if your looking for good rp :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’m Marcel R. I’m just a German teenager that likes to play games all day.
I joined SOSA as an LEO for the San Andreas State Police (SASP) in October 2017 meaning I’ve been with SOSA for more than 1 year now. I’m currently a Corporal in the SASP and head of my own sub-department called San Andreas Port Authority (SAPA). As well as that, I’ve also created and am actively leading my own department called San Andreas Department of Transport (SADOT) which was founded around Christmas time of 2017. It currently has 25 Members. As well as creating and leading departments I’ve also worked my way up to be a head of staff member just recently. I’ve been an Executive on SOSA since November 2017 prior to receiving the head of staff rank as well.

I am also the person that compiled and made the SOSA Vehicles Pack that our server uses. I started the pack as V1.0 in January 2018 by just compiling all of the 20 resources we had for vehicles at the time into one big resource and making a few improvements to those resources as well. A lot of changes have happened and a lot of additions have been made since I first started working on the pack back in January. The pack is being actively worked on by myself day by day and it still is a lot of fun to work on as I wouldn’t know what else to do after getting home from work/school than working on the pack :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m currently working on reworking all of the older vehicles I made using ZModeler3 back when I first started working on vehicles using it. I also have a YouTube channel where I upload small teasers and trailers on upcoming vehicles for SOSA or projects I’m working on. ( )

  • Marcel
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