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Who are We?

We are dedicated to providing you with the most realistic Law Enforcement Server, we strive to make your roleplay experience consistently fun and realistic. Being a family means looking out for another. We hope to see you join the family.

What we have to Offer:

We are currently hiring full-time members of the following Departments:

  • Blaine County Sheriff Department
  • San Andreas State Police
  • Special Weapons and Tactics
  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Communications Department (911 Operator)

We are always accepting Civilians to be apart of our Civilian Unrestricted Operation team! It is not a required position to apply, just join the Discord and hop on when we do our official patrols.


Features in the server:

  • Menu-Based
  • 32 Player Slots
  • Daily Updates, and Development.
  • Police Menu (Comes with Cuff, Drag, Force Player In Vehicle, and More!)
  • Custom Cop Cars!
  • Kick/ban
  • Speedometer Script
  • Hands up Script
  • Working Radar Script
  • Time sync
  • Vehicle Damage Script

Available Jobs:

  • Private Security
  • Blaine Co. Tow Service
  • Air Support (For: Fire & EMS and/or Police)


The Civilian Department is for the Roleplayers who want to mess with the cops or be the most wanted person in the community or RP with the firefighters and be a law abiding Citizen. We are currently hiring all positions in the Civilian Department.

Communications is the division for people who don’t like to be in the field or they simply do not have the game, Communications handles all Dispatching and Communications in all Frequencies Fire, Police, Civs. We are currently Hiring all positions in the Communications Division.

Repair Service is Similar structure to the Taxi Service. People will call for a repair that you can either accept or deny. You will need tools to repair the customer’s vehicle.

Delivery Services is where You can deliver items to locations around Los Santos. Each delivery will pay out at the end of each mission.

Drug Dealing - Civilians can choose to be part of active drug dealing scenarios throughout the state of San Andreas. The main drug types are Weed, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine. These jobs can be found in various locations on the map, but be careful, the cops will be on high alert watching for illegal movement of drugs.


If you can develop we are seeking developers to help with our server as well. We are in need of developers understanding how to code, and even simply people who can suggest decent scripts to make the overall roleplay experience better!

Server Modifications (Not mandatory)

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the SOSA Network FAQ. If you think any questions should be added to this FAQ, Feel free to DM Danny H. On Discord.

Last Change: 07/01/2018
Last Change By: Danny H.

What commands can I use in-game?

While you are in-game, Do /cmds and /help. These commands will give you a list of commands that you can do as a civilian and enhance your roleplay and experience on the server.

How to become a part of sosa?

Join the server! Type “” into the direct connect search bar and join the server. If you would like to be part of any government departments (LEO, FD, EMS etc) then apply @

How to get unbanned?

Appeal @ If you think you have been unjustifiably banned, Contact an E3 or E4 and they can help out with the issue.

Where can I find the rules?

All rules are stated @ However, You may find a brief overview of the rules @!

Why was I banned?

If you try to join the server, It will show the message you were banned with. If it shows no message, Please contact an E3 or E4.

How can I become whitelisted?

You can apply for the Whitelisted Server + become a Whitelisted Civilian @

When will my strike(s) be removed?

All strikes are active for 2 months. They will not be removed any sooner. Any breaches of the rules will result in a strike being awarded to your person.

I’m 12. Can I apply?

No. We have strict requirements for the applications. These rules are in place to ensure that all applicants are suitable for the department and make sure they are all ready for the line of duty. Failure to meet these requirements will result in your applications being denied.

Whats the interview/training phase?

Interview - In the interview phase, you will be asked a few questions that are related to the department/sub-department you have chosen, Depending on how you answer these questions, Your interviewer will either choose to accept or deny you for training.
Training - In the training phase, You will be given the PED and Vehicle for your chosen department/sub-department. We will go through the different rules and laws you need to know for your department. You will be given different certifications for different departments. You will be shown different situations that your department may run into while you are in the active line of duty.

What do I need to have installed to play with the community?

GTA 5, FiveM & Lambda menu is needed so that you can play with other SOSA players.

Can I be in multiple departments?

Yes. You can be in multiple departments. Also, you can be in sub-departments if would like. (Only 1 sub-department per player). Only FTOs can have multiple sub-divisions.

Can I be in any other communities?

You can as civilian. However, if you decide to apply for any government department or whitelist, you have a high chance of being denied.

Do I need a microphone?

Yes. We use microphones for everyday RP. If you do not have a microphone, people will not Roleplay with you.

What mods do you use?

SOSA Network uses multiple different mods. Our main mods are ELS, Simple Trainer & Lambda Menu.

Can I just be a civilian?

Yes! All players can roleplay as civilians. However, If you would like to apply for any government department, you can apply @

Can I donate?

Due to FiveM’s ToS, Servers cannot be used for any profitable gain. This means we cannot take any donations and “SOSA Network” is a non-profitable organisation.

© SOSA Network (State of San Andreas RPC), 2018

Changelog Updates
# Version 1:

* Changed /engine on/off to /engine as some people got confused. (/engine on/off still works) - Courtesy of Havoc.
* Discord advertisement on the website. Allowing to see all online members. - Courtesy of Havoc.
* New theme to the website (

( 12/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.1:

* Cruise Control implemented. (F9 to activate)

(12th, Jan 2018 - Eddie F)

# Version 1.2:

* has been updated, more of an informational board, used for easy redirects. Hope you enjoy.

( 13/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.3:

* New Fire Department Peds
* New fire department vehicle liveries
* New fire department truck 
* New Fire Dept **F350**

( 16/01/2018 - Eddie F)

# Version 1.4:

* Fuel added to all aircrafts and boats. Special thank you to illusiveTea<3

( 17/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.5:

* Updated Rules
* Removed Essentialmode/es_admin2 due to the fact it was causing high CPU usage
* Organised server resource config<3

(18/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.6:

* All LEO vehicles have been merged into one resource, also, some new vehicles have been added. Huge thanks to Marcel.<3

(21/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.7:

* The server is now developed to be restarted by an E4 and above by using the command [.restart-servers](This allows for all servers to restart, please request use from an Head of Executive) > Made by Havoc, at from 4-6am.<3

(22/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.8:

* Weather and time updated to print in chat from the admin who executed the command.
* #sosa-welcome Updated
* New Sheriff PEDs, for Staff Sergeants and above. Contact Danny for the skin name.<3

(22/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 1.9:

* M-Menu has recently been added. This allows for easy use and quick access to much-needed options!
* Added Single shot only - No more spraying
* Sandy shores is alive! New map added! Go check it out.<3

(24/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.0:

* M-Menu has been updated.
* Sandy shores map has 2 tankers removed due to them being broken and causing lag.

* [Special Thanks to](Eri for the bug reports!)<3

(24/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.1:

* Resource Management. Courtesy of Havoc<3

(24/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.2:

* Updated load-in disclaimer<3

(25/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.3:

* Added more spawn points around sandy other than the boat house<3

(25/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.4:

* Private Messages are here! Use /pm (id) to send someone a private message!<3

(25/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.5:

* ID's are now above player's head!<3

(25/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.6:

* Vote kick had landed... HUGE Thank you to Havoc!!
* Please Note: Any abuse will result in an immediate banishment from SOSA.

# How to Use
* You can start a vote by doing /votekick <id>. You will automatically vote "yes" and the other player will automatically vote "no". You can also vote using the command /vote <yes/no> when a vote has started (yes to kick, no to let them stay). If players don't vote they're assumed to be a "no" vote.
* Minimum Players to start a vote: 10
* Percentage for vote pass: 70% <3

(26/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.7:

* M-Menu fully updated!
* Special Thanks to Julie Manlet<3

(26/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 2.8:

* State Of San Andreas Vehicle Pack [V1.1] implemented.
* Mulitple new vehicles for [LSPD, BCSO, SASP & SADOT.]
* Updated Cruise Control [Fixed bump glitch]
* ...classified... [More coming soon]

# Apply now!
Apply at now to get access to our fresh and amazing new vehicles! :D

(28/01/2018 - Eddie F)

# Version 2.9:

* Added .memberinfo command - Courtesy of Havoc

# Please note:
* Administrators can now use a command to get some info on players in game. This includes their identifiers and a link to their steam profile.

* Example usage:
* .memberinfo public 1
* .memberinfo whitelist 192 


(29/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.0:

* Name filter has been made and added by: Havoc!
* This allows for only Admins to have coloured names, and Their unit number in their name!
* This also blocks all links and offensive language if they are connecting to the server... Thank u Havoc <3

(29/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.1 - Vehicle Pack:

* Added "CENSORED"
* Added "CENSORED"
* Changed BCSO Skin on "CENSORED" to black

* Temporarily Removed "CENSORED" due to it being bugged

* Added "CENSORED"
* Removed siren on some DOT Vehicles
* Removed "CENSORED" - Broken :(
* Fixed "CENSORED" not having sound <3

(31/01/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.2:

* Report command for discord - Courtesy of Havoc

# Please note:
This command will only be used in the Discord, if you wish to report someone in game, proceed with the regularly used command /report <id> <reason>

* Example usage:
* .report <id> <reason>


(1/02/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.3:

* Add and remove roles for discord - Courtesy of Havoc

# Please note:
This command is only accessible from the administration of state of San Andreas.

* Example usage:
* .addrole <Member> <role>


(02/02/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.4:

* Live map re-implemented for the upcoming CAD/MDT system. (Live map made and added by Havoc, a while back!)
* Also linked to a subdomain (CENSORED - For Executive until CAD release.)


(04/02/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.5:

* Added civ retired CROWN VIC + Charger.

# Please note
* This is for the whitelisted server only


(04/02/2018 - David R)

# Version 3.6:

* CAD/MDT Beta release soon with almost all options done. In the meantime, please provide suggestions in the suggestions channel. Please review the video beforehand.

# Credits
* Special Thank you to Eri + Havoc!


(07/02/2018 - David R)

Screen shots of our server...

M-Menu, designed by @J.Manlet!:


Can’t wait to have you on board!

We hope to see you pop on our discord, if you have any questions please private message me personally or any other staff member of State of San Andreas.

Discord invite -
Applications for all departments:
SOSA Website:
SOSA Forum -

Thank’s for taking interest in State of San Andreas!
- David R - Founder and Director of State of San Andreas.
- Eddie F - Director of State of San Andreas.
- Danny H - Head of The Executives of State of San Andreas.
- Sam H - Head of The Executives of State of San Andreas.
- Havoc - System Administrator.
- Eri S - CAD/MDT developer.
- State of San Andreas Staff Team.


Thank you guys!
5+ New people to the police department! Come join today:


Awesome new cars added! Come join!


Getting 15+ people on! Come join :stuck_out_tongue:


Got a full lobby today!


Yo! We are looking for a professional Dispatcher (already trained) Please head over to our discord if you are interested!


State Of San Andreas Roleplay Is in my opinion one of the best servers I have experienced all the players are kind helpful and the staff are too if you ever need help and you message staff they will try there hardest to reply as soon as possible its a really great server!


Very amazing server. Professional players admitted into the server such as PD etc. Staff are fun to play with and are indeed very very welcoming, I enjoy my roleplaying experience here as a HP unit. Many many thanks to everyone for making me welcome into the community, This server has potential and will most indefinable get far into the community :slight_smile:


state of San Andreas is the best roleplaying server i have played on from active admins to plenty of great roleplayers :smiley:


Server is full everyday! Lets get to 200 members in our discord! :smiley:


200 Members and counting! We has awesome new scripts, come join! :smiley:


Still recruiting - Bump!


@Motion_films Hey dude you didn’t get rejected i think it was last week i was speaking to david about it i tried looking for you name in the members list in discord to interview you but you left the discord so i obviously couldn’t do anything about it


This server is one of the best servers i have roleplayed on state of san andreas have some of the friendliest staff members, and always listen to everything you say if you have any problems the staff members will always help out with anything you need i understand that it is a GMT server and there isn’t really any staff members online late at night however they will always try their best to help out and give one of the best roleplay servers.


i just got banned becuse somone was tp players to mzbank and they blame my fuck off


I don’t see any custom cop cars.


You do realize the discord link is expired right?


BuMP… BUMpp… Bumppity Bump


If you are still looking for a dispatcher I will be a dispatcher for you, The Computer I have currently cant run discord so i will have to get a WindowsOS computer but I am interested . If you are wondering I am a dispatcher irl, if you are interested email me @


if you have 650 members then why do u need to advertise ? from my standpoint u probile have 60+ thats bout it