State of California New Rp server Come and join for cool rp



:pencil: ----- DISCORD - RULES----•
No spamming or flooding the chat with messages. Do not type in ALL CAPS.
• No bashing or heated arguments to other people in the chat.
• No adult (18+), explicit, or controversal messages.
• No racist or degrading content (racial terms are not allowed).
• No excessively cursing.
• No advertising other servers/discord servers.
• No referral links.
• No begging or repeatedly asking for help in the chat, please keep question in the #soc-support channel. Repeatingly asking basic questions will lead to administative action
• No offensive names.
• Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, bugs, and other exploits that will cause an incident within the community and other players.
• Do not cause a nuisance in the community, repeated complaints from several members will lead to administrative action.
• Do not argue with @The Administration’ Decisions are final.
• No voice chat surfing or switching channels repeatedly.
• No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.
• Reduce the amount of background noise, if possible. Resort to push to talk in your settings to reduce the issue.
• If you require staff assistance join the Need
Administration voice channel.
:pencil: -----INGAME - RULES----- :pencil:
• Do NOT teleport / noclip to anybody in a rp scenario.
• No military or terrorist roleplay is allowed.
• No out of character talk, unless using /ooc
• Play realistic, as you would in real life.
• If you impersonate a cop you WILL be banned/kicked.
• Apply to be Law Enforcement / Police
• The NLR (New Life Rule) Applies at all times, unless a cop or a medic revives you.
• Spamming vehicles, objects, chat or any kind of spam will result in a punishment.
• No trolling, cop baiting or troll menus of any kind are allowed.
• speedboost/torque or power multipliers is not allowed.

Hello I am the deputy director of Soc and we have now just got our server live for the fun come and join. We have high way cars so fare sheriff and pd cars on the way. We have high expectations and do not allow any fail rp no matter what. We go and rp at certain times everynight so come and join us. Come check us out the server name is this: State of California

Are discord is this link (


Your message is very bold

EDIT: That’s better :mascot:


Hey, i’m 16 turning 17 this year do i meet an age requirement for Law Enforcement?