State Line RP|Looking for Members| 16+ Five M Community Whitelisted| Non ELS| SA Penal Code| Media Team| New community




Established in 2018 Sate Line Role Play is a Five M community for the PC version of Grand Theft auto V, we know what it takes to give our members a great experience. With that, we strive to provide a dynamic and satisfying role play experience that appeals to everyone, Because of this, we have made some changes with the server dynamic, and honestly, the community as a whole.


JOIN via Discord-


Server invite link is invalid! By the way are y’all looking for staff?


Cam_McCullum here is a new link and yes we are looking for staff


I have been apart of State Line RP for under a week after applying for the sheriff’s Office.The staff and members are very friendly and helpful.


Thank you! we look forward to working with you, staff positions are still open.


Hey guys we are looking for some members, come check us Via Discord
SLRP Administration Team


looking to grow we just launched today join Zachary’s Discord and msg him


Join the SLRP Voice Discord for an Interview


Great Server would recomend to join!


Thanks for all the Support, we are still looking to recruit new members Daily.


Friends Staff and FTO’s.


Outstanding Server so far we are building everyday !


@Deputy_Zachary WTF did i get banned for asking were the application are


There is always a bad ‘Apple’ in our world, Izaak1 has been banned from our server for immaturity as you can see in his comment. If your a mature person we would love to have you and thank you all for the support, Also i dont know were stolen “DOJ vehicles” came from when he hasn’t even been in the server. Thanks for all the support within SLRP and lets build something great!


Community seems to be professional, I can already tell this community will get somewhere quite soon! I encourage you all to join and give it a shot <3


Thank you for your Kind words Evo1.


Were still looking to find new Responsible and mature members, come check us out!


New Link to the Discord Server


Still looking for high up police ranks to be filled?


Kotinq We are looking but rank is something earned in [SLRP] not given. + you have to pass basic training and a couple of test.:grinning: