St. Christopher County Is Open for Business!


Hello fellow RP’ers and fans alike!

We want YOU to come aboard our Brand new server! With a multitude of modified vehicles and active staff we aim to give everyone the most realistic RP we can! We are searching for Civs, Police officers, Tow truck/Civ operators, EMS, Fire and much more to come as the server evolves! We have an active CAD menu tied in with our PD database along with a devoted Discord and teamspeak channel ( ) for our server, there are no hoops to jump though to join us or a lengthy recruitment procedure, all we ask is that you join our discord, we constantly monitor it so we will reach out to you about getting your civ access for the cad and then everything follows along from there. we do daily rp at 8:00PM EST. with a majority of our members (currently 26) online. Hope to play with you all soon, Keep it real!

Officer Kidwell with the St. Christopher County Police Dept

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