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Hello everyone, I have a Serious Roleplay server that is open to the public (for now) and heavily moderated. My staff and I have previous experience running a large Arma 2 roleplay community. The vision my staff and I have is of a server that is 100% RP all the time. I feel a lot of the less serious servers tend to cater towards the GTA Online play style and tend to leave serious roleplayers disappointed with the amount of violence prior to any sort of meaningful interaction.

Police and EMS are whitelist only and there are positions available in both.

We are looking for an experienced dev to help me write and fix scripts for the server as right now I’m the only one and I’m doing my best, but I’m not up to the level of being able to write my own stuff with a few exceptions. I also have a hectic work schedule which prevents me from dedicating a lot of my time to developing, although most of my free time is spent working on the server.

If you’re looking to play on the server, please head over to the forums at read the rules and the laws of the land and see if the server fits your play style.

You can contact us on discord at or the forums at . Please message me directly if you are interested in developing the server.