Split roleplay and other gamemodes into two different categories

Example on how it could look like:

(Sorry for my terrible photo manipulation skills)
I personally think this would look much better and more clean than just pinning non-rp servers.

Why not just use the tags at the side? You know the RP tag, ESX tag

Like i said, i believe this would look much better and cleaner i don’t think there is any non-rp tags.


looks really good


Nice idea

You can put ~roleplay and ~rp into the search box and it won’t show any servers including those tags or that have them in their names.

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Be gone them drift servers. RP Wins

I agree, this would look very clean and cool.

FiveM could do so much more than just roleplay and drift.

Plus i don’t think there is a war between rp and non-rp servers. RP is awesome and not-so awesome at the same time.

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Agree totally.

I wish there were more soft-RP server as it used to be in SAMP // MTA with Crazybob’s Cops’n Robbers or similar. Fun, adrenaline, many jobs, certain level of chaos and intensity.

For my surprise, GTA V is extremly filled with RPs and I don’t know why is so succesful. Tried it and I enjoyed it a little but never as much as with old San Andreas servers.

I wonder if we may see servers with less restrictions and more open for player interactions.

I played rp for about 1-2 years but then now i realised how stupid and cringe it is.

I’m still learning about coding but i hope that i can come back one day and make some non-rp gamemode for FiveM.

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Thank you.

Well after hours searching found what is self-described as a soft-rp tending more to how Crazybob’s server was in San Andreas MP. The IP is if anybody is interested to join. Right now is quite empty but as long as ppl hears of it, may work. Dropping this info here for anybody looking something else besides RPs hardcores