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Interested in joining a server with plenty of opportunities and intricate roleplay? We have tons of opportunities for both new and experienced Role Players here at State of Washington Roleplay. At this moment we are currently accepting applications for The King County Sheriff’s Office, The Seattle Police Department, The Washington State Police Department, The Washington Fire and EMS Department, our Emergency Services Communications Program, and our Specialized Civilian Program. The server as a whole is whitelisted, however, one week per month we will be a public server, this is so that you can get a taste of our server, without having to form to any commitment prior to knowing how the server operates. Our server contains custom vehicle skins and player models. We also hold a unique variety of scripts and other roleplay enhancing options.

  • We are also in the process of having a fully functional IN-game CAD/MDT. This is not a website CAD/MDT this will be using all NUI!

If you are interested in joining State Of Washington Roleplay or have any questions involving our server, please contact our Human Resources Department via Discord or Teamspeak.

Hiring Board:

SPD - The Seattle Police Department is the local municipal PD with the responsibility of enforcing the law with a general jurisdiction in the city.

KCSO - The King County Sheriff’s Office is a county law enforcement agency with a general jurisdiction of the county roads north of the city.

WSP - The Washington State Police are a statewide law enforcement with jurisdiction around the state however usually limits itself to highways and county roads.

WFD - Washington Fire Department deals with Fire/EMS Roleplay. They are statewide.

Civ - The Civilian Department is our whitelisted civilians that are the responsible for initiation of most Role play scenarios. The choice of location is up to the civilian.

Currently Hiring

  • Washington State Police
  • Seattle Police Department
  • King County Sheriff Department
  • Washington Fire & Ems Department
  • Emergency Services Communications
  • Specialized Civilian Program

Experienced Roleplayer Looking For A Server To Dedicate to!

Hi everyone, I’m the lead dev for Washington State RP.

I’m excited to roll out our custom in-game MDT (using NUI) and other features never seen before!

Watch for our exclusive AI call-outs! Respond to emergencies like domestic disputes, drug overdoses, active shooters and more!


King County Sheriff Department is currently hiring. Head on Teamspeak and/or Discord to set up an interview.




+Rep good server, 10/10 would join again


Great server, Great people I suggest joining.


I appreciate the kind words.


Great server with hard working devs trying to improve it at all times.


The Seattle Police Department is actively hiring!


Wow your guys vehicle skins are nice!


great server been here for the start and the previous server that Tristan helped run but the owners wigged out lots of fun and good RP on this server


Good server, People should really join


unknown%20(4) These Are just some of the Vehicles in the server, We Welcome all newcomers that are looking to join a Server. (DISCORD: https://discord.gg/uB7rdrU )


Soon to come?..


Bump Join today to take part in the rp!, This is a very serious rp Server and would like you to join! (Discord: https://discord.gg/ )


The King County Medical Examiner’s Office is a subdivision of the Seattle Fire Department. This division deals mainly with the deceased victims in crime scenes. In this image, Chief Medical Examiner Brian Smith takes notes over a suspected hit-and-run that ended in a deadly vehicle accident.


This server is very impressive. Has a lot of unique features that others do not. I recommend this server to all.


King County Sheriffs Office new vehicle, To apply for King County Sheriff Office join the Teamspeak - ts.sowrp.net


Cool is cool with a capital C


Hiring Status:

Washington State Police: OPEN
King County Sheriff Department: OPEN
Seattle Police Department: OPEN
Fire and EMS: OPEN
Communications: OPEN [PENDING HEAD]
Specialized Civilian Operations: OPEN
Apply now on http://sowrp.net/panel/applications.php#

-State of Washington Roleplay


Seattle Fire Department: Currently hiring and looking for trainees, greatly maintained and a friendly division. (plus we have amazing XBR410 Vehicles)

Picture Credit:
- [Asst. Chief] A. Stanley