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Welcome to Southern Roleplay (SRP) we are a modern roleplay community that aims for great roleplay and a fantastic community. We have worked hard to get along and we still are, we are hiring cop’s and looking for staff to take empty positions. We are having the server up 24/7 same with our discord. We offer a friendly community for everyone, we allow everyone an opportunity in the police force! We have sheriff & state police to help you at any time. We are still in “Development” since we are always improving our server, but we are hiring. If you would like to become part of a great, friendly community i would recommend SouthernRP.

Currently Looking for:
◦ High Positions/lead’s in Sheriff & Trooper’s,
◦ Staff,
◦ Developers,
◦ Helpers,
◦ And much more!

Our Links/Information;
Discord: or
Server IP:


Best Fivem server i have played on the developers really know what they are doing!!!


This is a very good server, i enjoy playing on this.
Very good staff and the owner is kind and friendly