Southern US Real Roleplay


Hello, I am starting up a server that is going to be titled “Southern US Real Roleplay |Police/Fire/EMS|Jobs|Drugs|Civilians|” I’m looking for good role players to start this wonderful community. Maybe a developer or two as well. It is whitelisted. We talk to people who want to join our community and bring them in. We DO allow the lambda menu and I couldn’t play without it to be honest. We will have three main departments in the law enforcement. The state police, the PD, and the sheriff’s department. We will have custom cars for the PD, state, and Sheriff’s department. Also when I say we have jobs, it’s more RP jobs. We like to RP everything out. We don’t focus on money, if we did then we wouldn’t allow any trainers or the lambda menu mod. So come on down and check us out when we are up and open! Again we are looking for two more developers. Also if you have any ideas on how to improve the community, feel free to let us know. In a little while, we will have the server up, as well as the TS3 server!