Southern States RP Is Actively Recruiting!

Are you new to FiveM? Maybe you’re a Veteran Roleplayer looking for a New or Second place to call home? No matter your level of experience Southern States Roleplay is most likely the place for you! SSRP is actively recruiting for the following departments:

-Los Santos Police Department
-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-San Andreas Highway Patrol
-San Andreas Communication Department
-Civilian Operations
-San Andreas Fire & EMS Department

We do not strictly enforce dual clanning but there is only one rule in regards to dual clanning if you wish to join this community which will be elaborated on in your application process. All members are allowed to record and/or stream any patrol they participate in. We are here to help creators achieve their goals by having the ability to record or stream content without having to meet ridiculous requirements just to be able to show others what they enjoy doing.

If any of this sounds interested feel free to join our website and submit an application. Someone will contact you as soon as possible and we’ll get you through training and into patrols in a timely manner. See you soon!!!


Are you a developer?

Feel free to contact me on discord PLOKMJNB#8692

Let me know if still looking, Omen#1072

If your ever looking for an experienced web developer let me know I have already done work for about 23 community’s. J2H NoClipz#4117

Currently looking for a Civilian Director and Fire Chief Also!

Still taking applications!!

The invite link is not active

Fill out an application and come join the fun!

Discord expired

Looking for more Youtube or Twitch Streamers to join!

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If you’re looking for a new home this is the place to be!!

Opened Los Santos Police Department, Come Join Us Today!!!

40+ Members and still growing