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Southern California RP

Southern California RP, is a brand new semi-realistic roleplay server. We started in late March of 2019 and have been able to garner a good size player base of roleplayers from all over FiveM.

The biggest thing that sets us apart from 95% of servers is that a lot of our current LEO’s, Fire/EMS, Dispatch and even our SWAT team are real life first responders, retired, or pursuing a career in that field. We have members that have done SWAT, LEO, and EMS irl and that’s a big deal since they’re able to help train new members in those fields making it one of the best roleplay experiences.

We also have a number of custom vehicles, and maps, as well as a full fledged CAD/MDT system our members and officers use. A custom police menu for officers and even EUP server side to give us endless creations. In our discord we also provide a visual file for our server to give players a whole new visual experience on the server.

Requirements ->

  • Must be 14+ to play on the server
  • Must be 16+ to be an LEO or SWAT member
  • Must have a working microphone
  • Must be able to communicate effectivley
  • Must be mature
  • Willing to learn new things
  • And most importantly have fun! (cheesy, I know)

If you’re looking for a more mature environment to play on or just looking to meet new people and chat on the Discord or even have any career questions please feel free to drop in, we’d love to chat! We will update this post regularly with either images or information as we progress!

Discord: https://discord.gg/UX6WHwk
Website: http://scrpv.com

we are not looking for developers, skinners, “former DOJ members”, or anything along those lines if you join and ask for ranks or anything listed above you will be banned, thank you!

Sheriff Vehicles

20190219150044_1 20190219150101_1 20190219150117_1 20190219150128_1

State Police Vehicles

20190219145825_1 20190219145839_1 20190219145854_1 20190219145917_1

Fire/EMT Vehicles

Coming Soon :slight_smile:

Civilian Vehicles

Coming Soon :slight_smile:



Does this server have a good civilian community?

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Yes sir, civs tend to go pretty in depth with rp scenarios



New website domain as well as an update UI