[South Carolina Gaming] Developer Wanted!




My name is Noah, and I am the proud Director of South Carolina Gaming.

I am looking for developers with prior experience with coding in LUA, C#, and Javascript. Do not contact me if you are new and/or do not know what you are doing.

The things I need to be done to my server are: Essentials mode installation, SQL database setup, Admin menu with server groups, economy and jobs, and other essential roleplay devices.

What I expect: Frequent activity, I’m trusting you with my VPS and I want you to be working on it as much as you can. I understand we all have lives, but I also have a community to run. If you are inactive too much, I will revoke your access and effectively “fire” you.

Contact me at my e-mail address at nhgascon@gmail.com or PM me here.

Thank you for your time
Director South Carolina Gaming