South Australia Roleplay | CAD/MDT | Custom Scripts and Vehicles | Recruiting Members!



Welcome to our server recruitment post here on the FiveM Forums here you will be able to find all the information and details about our community and what we wish to achieve and do as a whole.

What we offer

Currently we are offering multiple different experiences and opportunity’s as well as roles within our community such as some of the following.

- Police
-Ambulance Service
-Fire Service
-Communications Operator

and staff and development positions we want to grow and achieve as much as possible and we can only do this with you as there is no “I” in Team. We want to have the best possible outcome and become one of the fastest and successful South Australian Based Roleplay Community’s.

Want to join?

Sure thing, You can join simply by doing some of the following things

First of please join our Discord server
Here :

From here you will be able to find all of our announcements and information and server related things, This will also alert you of any upcoming events etc.

We also have Teamspeak 3 for our communication side of things when we are patrolling the TS IP Can be found on our discord.

To join a department you will need to either contact the appropriate people or contact a member of the staff team in order to do so.

Thank you for reading our recruitment post and we hope to see you sometime soon!


Tom King