Sound Streaming


So i was wondering if you could stream car sounds and replace sounds of cars and if you can still what are some good car sound to add in and for that matter gun sounds??
Thanks for taking the time to read this


Ya, I’m still wondering how you can change engine sounds and such. I’ve seen other servers replace Charger sounds and Crown Vic sounds and it would be really nice to put in.


As in on youtube videos? Because you can’t stream sound files yet in fivem.


If you’re seeing people do it, it’s because they’ve done it on their own side, using the archivefix method. I used it to change sirens and gun sounds. But just because you hear it that way, others in your server won’t hear the same sounds unless they’ve installed the same sound pack using the same method. There’s a tutorial for it somewhere on here.


Yes as in on YouTube videos, sorry I should have calrified that. I know that you can put them in client side but I’m waiting till we can hopefully stream them server side.